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This particular piece of artwork reflects what I believe to be the true definition of art. It encompasses the feelings of the artist, a reflection of an idea, the statement of a thought, and the openness to interpretation based on the viewer. This piece of artwork can be interpreted in so many different ways, that it will mean something different to every single person that encounters it. Some will relate this painting to a social or political issue, while others will understand it to be a reflection of how they are feeling at the moment. It is these key aspects that define what art is.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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The Persistence of Memory uses darker, gray-toned colors. Clocks seem to droop and from odd and unconventional places. The environment is an open one. In the background, cliff-like mountain structures are seen that lead to a reflective body of water. The clocks are present in the darker areas and are all made to resemble stop watches. On the floor of the painting is what looks like a portion of a face, with a clearly outlined closed eye with eyelashes attached. The texture of the painting is a smooth one. Every structure has a rounded corner, even in areas where sharp characteristics may have been more appropriate to use. The dark background of the bottom two thirds of the painting allow for the structures drawn on it to stand out. This is where the artist wants his viewers to focus more on because this is where the main point of his artwork lays. This artwork is meant to represent the peacefulness that one feels after drifting off to sleep. The closed eye on the floor of the painting demonstrates this. The droopy hanging clocks symbolize our loss of the notion of time while sleeping. When people dream, there is no sense of anything that is going on consciously. The only reality that one experiences is that of the unconscious mind. This painting symbolizes that time during which people are in between two worlds, both of which are realities at the time. It is this exact reason why this painting is particularly intriguing. Its openness to interpretation allows viewers to relate more to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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