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[. . .] It cannot be denied that such a production is art. Theatre is art.

The theatre doesn't have to be a musical in order for it to be art. Take Shakespeare, for instance. He was clearly one of the most talented playwrights of all time. His stories were works of genius, and the stage productions of his plays were very popular during the rebirth of the theatre in the Renaissance. Shakespeare took writing to another level with his couplings, monologues, and other literary devices. You cannot say that his writing is art unless you also include the production of these writings on the stage.

Referring back to the original definition of art as something beautiful or thought provoking, theatre is quite decidedly so. Just the mention of a few plays conjures up thoughts, images and memories for many who have witnessed them. But in conclusion, the one undisputed piece of evidence that clearly includes theatre as an art is the fact that the National Endowment for the Arts, which is federally funded by the U.S. Government, provides funding in the form of grants for theatres, and performing arts study programs throughout the U.S.

15 Feb 2002

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