Art Design Textile Term Paper

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Art Design-Textiles

TOPIC: Term Paper on Art Design Textile Assignment

ECLAT Textiles manufactures fabrics and ready-to-wear garments including knitwears. The company also produces their own lines of textiles: Eclat, Eclon, and BodyCare, all of which have registered trademarks. ECLAT produces mostly synthetic fabrics and yarns, including flexible yarns produced in conjunction with the Dupont Company. Flexible fabric knits range from classics like corduroy, velour and terry to more sophisticated computer-generated patterns. Major fabric production types include single jersey knits. In addition to their trademarked textiles, ECLAT also uses yarns from various other fibers, including staples like cotton. Filament yarns include Tactel, Supplex, nylon, and polyester; Flexible fibers include Spandex and Lycra; "tech" fibers include Coolmax as well as UV-resistant and sweat/odor-resistant yarns. Many of these yarns and the textiles they produce are highly specialized, and can therefore be used in specific types of clothing. For example, Coolmax and UV-inhibiting fabrics would be popular for use in the outdoor and athletic clothing industry. As a designer, I would be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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