Art Development of Artistic Concepts Essay

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Art Dev

Development of Artistic Concepts and Skills Across Grade Levels

The concept of sings, symbolism, and style in artworks is something that requires advanced critical thinking skills to fully appreciate, engage with, and eventually create, and the skill of interpreting and working with signs, symbols, and styles is something that develops over time with concerted effort and practice. Guiding the development of these concepts and skills is something that teachers at various grade levels must appreciate as a continuous and ongoing process, adapting lessons to effectively promote a skill level appropriate to the students' current grade level yet building explicitly on previous learning and remaining equally mindful of future learning to occur in subsequent years. The following pages present the foundations of this concept and skill at the Grade 7 level, and includes lesson plans for Grade 9 and 10 as well.

Concept and Skill Progression from Grades 7 to 10

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The concept of symbols, signs, and individualistic style choices and the skill of reading and interpreting these signs, etc., should be present and enhanced in Grade 7 coursework (Sickinger, n.d.). Simply put, the skill involved is the ability to interpret abstract concepts such as emotions, ideals, and philosophical or political statements from visual elements included in artwork, with the concept of these visual elements divided into distinct groups of signs, symbols, and stylistic choices (Hickman, 2004; Sickinger, n.d.). Almost any work of art could be examined as a means of illustrating the concept and skills involved, though there are some choices that are more explicit or obvious than others (Sickinger, n.d.).

Essay on Art Dev Development of Artistic Concepts and Assignment

With the foundation of the concept and skill established in Grade 7, it is fairly easy to trace the progression of these elements through subsequent grades of schooling. In Grade 8, the ability for students to interpret the signs, symbols, and styles they encounter should expend to more subtle, nuanced, and complex geopolitical situations, allegorical references, and other less-obvious or -- familiar phenomena (Hickman, 2004; Sickinger, n.d.). In Grade 9, the concept should expand to include not simply the individual visual elements of an artwork but the overall organization of signs, symbols, and stylistic choices within a given work of art and within a given time period, enhancing the interpretative skill still further (Sickinger, n.d.). Finally, by Grade 10 students should be able to fully utilize signs, symbols, and conscious stylistic choices in their own creative expression, showing mastery of the skill and concepts through their own manipulation and creation rather than simple interpretation (Sickinger, n.d.).

Grade 9 Lesson Plan

Primary Task: Examining the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso, students are to write a paper explaining the organization of the visual elements of the work and their relevance to the historical and artistic context of the work's creation.

Learning Objective: Students connect personal reactions to aesthetic elements with historical events and artistic trends. Historical knowledge and critical thinking are utilized to develop complex interpretations of individual aesthetic elements and their cohesion within a single piece of artwork. New artistic styles and approaches are made… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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