Art Exhibition Research Proposal

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Art Exhibition

The human condition: diverse images of human experience


The theme of the human condition is one that has been at the centre of artistic creation. It can be argued that the artist is an interpreter of his age and historical period. However, some of the greatest artists in the history of Western art have succeeded in capturing not only the essence of their time but have also provided insight into the nature of human existence and experience that is relevant to all ages. From this point-of-view the great artists are those who have created works that transcend particular periods or ages. The works created by these artists provide insight into the very nature of man and the human condition.

The collection of works that have been assembled for this exhibition cover a wide time period in the history of art - from the later works of Rembrandt to the very contemporary images of humanity by Francis Bacon in the last century. The central focus that connects these works is what they have to say about the human nature and the human condition.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Research Proposal on Art Exhibition Assignment

The insight for example that can be gleaned from meditating on a self-portrait by Rembrandt compared to a self -- portrait by Francis Bacon is an example of the intention of this exhibition. A self-portrait by Rembrandt is not an image that refers only to his particular time and social context. Rather, it resonates into the future and makes an intense statement about the meaning of human life and experience that affects us today. If we place this portrait next to a portrait by the very modern Francis Bacon a number of intriguing questions arise. For instance, to what extent could we say that both these works of art similar in the vision that they project; and to what extent are they dissimilar in terms their intensity of meaning and their aesthetic value? Both are from different time periods and the works of Bacon are renowned for their intensely negative view of the human condition. Rembrandt's portraits on the other hand have as depth and grandeur that seem to radiate from the use of light and chiaroscuro in the craggy features and eyes - but is there also not a strong sense of despair and loneliness that can also be discerned?

Therefore, by placing these images of the human from different periods into sharp juxtaposition with one another, we open up a discourse or a debate about the artistic vision that major artists have of the nature of human life and experience. The portraits by Rembrandt haunt us across the centuries. Is this reflected in the twisted and contorted faces and figures of Francis Bacon… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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