Art History: The Impressionists Baroque Term Paper

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Different aspects of baroque art were determined by religion. For example the church of Roman Catholic became a great influential patron, as well as its Counter Reformation. As it aimed at spreading Protestantism, it uses dramatic, realistic and emotional art to propagate their faith. Countries like northern Germany and Netherlands as well indicate simplicity of Protestantism by explaining the severity of architectural styles within these areas. Art was also influenced through politics circumstances. For example the existed monarchies of Spain and France facilitated the coming up of art works reflecting splendor and size of the majesty of their kings, Philip IV and Louis XIV.

Characteristics of Baroque

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Some of the characteristics of baroque art generally are tension, energy, and sense of movement. Their dramatic effects of most of the sculptures and paintings are enhanced by the strong contrasts of shadow and light. Baroque buildings together with their undulating walls as well as decorated surface elements also indicated motion with contrasts in color and light. Baroque art always presents intense spirituality, for example countries which are influenced by Roman Catholic tend to commonly have scenes of martyrdoms, ecstasies, or miraculous apparitions. Contrary to the units that were present within Renaissance, baroque sculptures or paintings always suggests infinite space. Another important integral feature of baroque art is realism, where the painted figures are not types; they are persons with their own personalities. Most of the artist who were concerned with how the inner mind works tried to bring out passions of the soul on their work of art.


Some of the nations have continued to experience baroque especially in European colonies within the Americas. Through social, religious and political influence they have been derived and painted to signify the intended theme.


Term Paper on Art History: The Impressionists Baroque Assignment

Thames & Hudson, (1985). Development of 17th- and 18th-century Western European art. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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