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In conclusion, this research paper aimed to discuss the impressionist artist, Claude Monet. One of his great accomplishments, Water Lilies, is on display in the Toledo Museum of Art. This and his works are some of the most known artworks in the history of the world and young and old alike love his work. For example, since the early 1990's, children have been recreating Monet's work in weaving projects that are surprisingly good. These children and many more to come in the future will continue to be influenced by Monet thanks to the Toledo Museum of Art with projects like Impressionism: Selections of Five Museums. "The project began with the Toledo Museum of Art's special exhibition, Impressionism: Selections of Five Museums, as inspiration for our weaving project with fiber artist, Meg Dickason. Each year, with generous support by our schools PTS, Dickason has conducted weaving workshops with students, teaching them to weave on a variety of looms as well as to spin fibers." (Lehman) Even with the combination of Claude Monet's Water Lilies and Maxwell Q. Klinger, Toledo may never become a Mecca for glitzy Hollywood red carpet events, but there is plenty of reason to go at least once to see this wonderful work of art.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Art Monet Claude Monet and Assignment

Schjeldahl, Peter. (2009). "Water World." New Yorker. October 5, 2009: Vol. 85 Issue 31,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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