Art Nouveau Movement in America Essay

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Art Nouveau Movement in America

One of the most important breakthroughs in architecture was the Art Nouveau movement, present in Europe and across the world starting with 1890 and making its impact on art and culture until the first decade of the 20th century. The importance of the Art Nouveau current made it significant not only in architecture, but in connected areas such as interior design, furniture etc.

According to different sources, the origins of the Art Nouveau current date back to William Morris and his resistance to the Victorian currents and tendencies that did not allow the artist to freely express himself and kept him within certain strict norms. Floral and vegetal patterns, as well as a strong influence from Japanese artists of the 18th century, renowned for their woodwork, were the first tendencies in the Art Nouveau movement.

Probably the central motive of the Art Nouveau current, as encompassed by the influences previously mentioned, was the curve, in all its different forms and expressions. The idea of the curve was that it could properly give a flowing perspective to the idea expressed and work with the flowing line in all possible ways. The curve became parabolas or hyperbolas in architecture and various flowing patterns in painting and drawing. It very much contributed to a limitless circular expression of the artistic individual.

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At the same time, the Art Nouveau movement was a total breakaway from classical rules and impositions, which meant that, usually, Art Nouveau became a way of life as well as an artistic expression. It was not only a new art, but also a new way of living and a new perspective of life, encouraging freedom of expression and of the individual.

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