Art Noveau Absinthe: Dangerous Drug or Artist Essay

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Art Noveau

Absinthe: Dangerous Drug or Artist's Tool

Used for healing, hallucination, and inspiration, absinthe, the potent alcoholic beverage made from the wormwood root, is now at the center of a social controversy that spans boarders -- should it be legal? In 2007, Paul Adams wrote in Wired Magazine that the "absinthe revival" had been in progress for upwards of a decade, but absinthe itself has been used since the late 1700s. Although the healing properties of wormwood had been realized, and used, even by the ancient Greeks, it was French Doctor Pierre Ordinaire who claimed to have invented it by fusing wormwood with other herbs and natural elements, although legend has it that it was really a group of folk medicine practicing sisters that gave him the secret ("The History of Absinthe"). Soon, the drink became famous, and by 1905 hundreds of companies were brewing it across France. Popularly, it was used as a medical cure, and many thought that it's high potency made it the cure for nearly any disease. It was also used during the French military efforts in Africa as a water purifier and a preventative medicine. When soldiers discovered the drink they began to enjoy it for the taste. Soon, absinthe became part of the French bohemian culture; it was associated with the cafe scenes and influenced such artists as Van Gough and Marilyn Manson ("The History of Absinthe"; Adams).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Art Noveau Absinthe: Dangerous Drug or Artist's Assignment

Despite its popularity and importance in French culture, Absinthe was eventually banned in a variety of cultures. Some of the reasons for this include the 20th century temperance movement, which used absinthe as a "scapegoat for all alcohol" ("The History of Absinthe"). Another reason that the beverage was banned was the fact that it contained thujone, which was proven to be a neurotoxin in large amounts. Pressure from wine sellers, rumors, and bad press were other reasons that the liquor was banned, and continued to be banned in many European countries ("The History of Absinthe"). In… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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