Art and Photojournalism Film Term Paper

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Pollock's work does not contain anything remotely resembling figures, but there is something quite electric about his paintings, and they bring out strong emotions in the viewer. His abstract paintings at first just seem a jumbled mess of color, but if gazed at long enough, they take on patterns, hues, and certainly bring out emotions and feelings. Some of the paintings are vibrant and exciting, while others are subdued and more poignant. These are quite human qualities, but there are no humans in the paintings, they are simply forms and colors. Even when Pollock did paint figures, they were not "normal" figures, they were abstract creations, and they too evoked very human feelings. Color, shape, texture, and form can all express human feelings, and Pollock used all of these creatively and effectively to create a very human and real feeling in his paintings, even in the absence of any human forms in them. Art can convey many different feelings and emotions, as Pollock's art clearly shows.


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Term Paper on Art and Photojournalism Film and Assignment

Steichen, Edward. Memorable Life Photographs. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1951.
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