Art and Politics "Light Being Essay

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One of the values of the American spirit was certainly practicality and as a result this was embodied in its architecture. The city made the most efficient and effective use of its resources to promote growth and expansion. This was eventually explained in terms of evolution which was made popular by none other than Charles Darwin and his theories of natural selection. Americans had opportunities for economic and social mobility that were not available to other countries. However, to achieve this mobility people had to be creative in regards to their practicality and functionality. The best designs were the ones that produced the most efficient and effective use of both resources and time towards organizational or societal goals.

Other societies had very different goals however. Many of them were worried about faith in their God or other ends that were not necessarily devoted to efficiency. For example, the development of film and photography was a form of artistic representation that was initially devoted mostly to preserving history; which formed something of a paradox. The scientific method and the advent of technology had created a situation in which modernity would try to capture instances of the past. Despite forming an image of reality, it was argued that this image could not adequately mirror reality itself and that some artists were more adept at this than film could capture.

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An example provided by John Ruskin when he defended modern painters in the mid-nineteenth century. He was quoted as saying that J.M.W. Turner produced "an entire transcript of the whole system of nature" that photography could not mirror itself (Barringer 20). In the early days of photography, the level of technology was still fairly low and the photos themselves were often distorted in some way. For example overexposure could produce a blurred image. However, artists could reproduce many aspects of a particular scene and the effects that caught the imagination better than technology could. This could be one of the first instance of a person competing against a machine.

Essay on Art and Politics "Light Being Assignment

In today's world, people compete with computers and this is a part of international media. It is interesting to hear stories of similar challenges between an artist's eye and a mechanical eye to capture scenes in photography's early development. The focus of the work can take many forms. In some cases it can be guided by practicality and functionality. In other cases the quality and its representation of reality can be the primary goal. However, these are shaped by the political and social institutions and the shared goals of a community. The focus of art can clearly illustrate many of the values of a society as it demonstrates a sense of its priorities… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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