Arthur Miller's Play Is Indeed a Timeless Essay

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¶ … Arthur Miller's play is indeed a timeless work of literature, but not necessarily because it touches the soul and heart and that it can last forever, but because it makes a very keen introspection of the human individuals, including his soul, and Miller's framework is universally valid on any individual we might pick.

The frustration with not being able to rise from the social class in which one is born (Biff says at some point "Pop, I'm a dime a dozen and so are you" (Miller, 1949), which I think is a good line to underline exactly the realization of the child that he will live and die in the same class as his father had), the modern isolation of the individual (maybe there is no better part on the play emphasizing this than Happy's line "My own apartment, a car, and plenty of women, and still, goddamit, I'm lonely" (Miller, 1949)), even if he is member of a family or of society and all the inner struggles of the modern individual -- I think these are timeless motives, because they are so closely related to the characteristics of the modern individual.

I think that the play is timeless also through its indirect connection with the great authors of tragic plays, going back to the Ancient Greeks. With the Ancient Greeks, the tragedy usually followed the downfall of a great man. Miller's play, as an expression of the modern world, in fact presents the reverse path, the ascension of a small, unknown man, through his final deed.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Arthur Miller's Play Is Indeed a Timeless Assignment

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