Articles on Compulsive Gambling Term Paper

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One talks about how dangerous and debilitating compulsive gambling can be, and the other clearly illustrates it. The first article looks at compulsive gambling as a disease that needs treatment, while the second article shows just how a compulsive gambler cannot face his addiction, or his need for treatment. Together, the articles form a more cohesive picture of compulsive gambling, giving the reader not only facts and figures, but the real experience of a gambler attempting to quit while unwilling to face up to their addiction. Both articles show the dangers of compulsive gambling, but in very differing ways.

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The authors of both these articles present their material effectively and in a manner that is easy to read and understand. One uses statistics and a hypothetical gambler to make their point, while the other simply discusses the personal experience of one highly visible compulsive gambler. Both articles clearly illustrate how dangerous this disease can be, and how easy it is to become addicted. They discuss addictive behavior clearly and realistically, and one gives the reader some hope because there are many treatment options available to those who really want to quit. These articles are quite effect in not only presenting the dangers of gambling, but they put the reader right in the middle of the problem, making them more aware of why compulsive gambling is so addictive, and so harmful to not only the gambler, but the surrounding support group and the community. It is clear that gambling addiction costs the community money in the form of treatment, unemployment, bankruptcy, and even physical and mental health costs not only for the gambler but also for the family. The articles make the reader more aware of this problem, and more aware of what needs to be done to combat it. As the first article notes, "The benefits from the gaming industry come at a price" (Weinstock, Whelan & Meyers, 1999).


TOPIC: Term Paper on Articles on Compulsive Gambling. Specifically, Assignment

Virtues guru Bennett: 'Gambling days over'. (2003, May 31). The Christian Century, 120, 18.

Weinstock, J., Whelan, J.P., & Meyers,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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