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¶ … articles that I faxed over. I don't understand it at all. Question number 1 had ask to list at least 3 variables that interest you at this point. List 3 possible operational definitions of each of these variables (from the articles)

Question number 2 was do you have any hypotheses (2-tailed) related to any of these variables? List 3 possible hypotheses. (from the articles)

Question number 3 was to give at least 3 references (journals articles, empirical research) related to any one (or all) of these variables. (from the articles)

Question number 1-3 had to come from the articles that I send you.

Number 4 is perfect (really like it) and thanks for picking two excellent articles for me.


Question #1:

List at least 3 variables that interest you at this point. List 3 possible operational definitions for each of these variables.

Definition: Variable: an event or behavior that can assume two or more values. (i.e., temperature = hot + cold along with all variations in between)

Source: Citation Connexions,

Variable #1: Exercise

Variable Type:

Example of Independent and Dependent variables.

Independent Variable: the variable is manipulated by an experimenter.

Dependent Variable: The experiment seeks to determine the effect of the independent variable.

The independent variable is typically manipulated by the experimenter; the effects of the independent variable on the dependent variable are measured.

Variable #2: U.S. Census

Variable Type: example of Discrete and Continuous Variables.

Definitions: Discrete: Variable with possible scores of discrete points on the scale. Continuous: Variable where the scale is continuous and not made up of discrete steps.

Variable #3: Religion

Variable Type: example of Qualitative and Quantitative Variables (Variables that express a qualitative attribute):

Three other Variable Types (random and not specified):

a. Personality. Examples: Scientific, Indifferent, Artistic

b. Beauty. Examples: Pretty, Ugly, Plain

c. Temperature. Examples: Hot, Cold, Tepid

Operationally Defining Variables

Operational Definitions: researchers define variables by the operations used to produce them. (Smith, Randolph A. Davis, Stephen F. The Psychologist as Detective. Pearson Education, Inc. 2004).

When variables are defined in terms of the operations used to produce them, other scientists are allowed to replicate… [END OF PREVIEW]

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