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As strange as it might seem, Aronofsky's film is meant to discuss the idea of abstract math. These are two concepts coming together and forming a paradox, as they practically enable viewers to understand that there is much more beyond calculations and simple mathematical formulae.

This film is not necessarily meant to discuss with regard to typical mathematical ideas. Instead, its producers wanted to address an intriguing idea regarding mathematics and science in general: the chaos theory. The motion picture's protagonist discovers a link between the chaos theory and the number Pi and this causes a great deal of individuals to express interest in his work. These respective people practically acknowledge the important role that this discovery could play for humanity as a whole and concentrate on understanding it themselves in order to be able to accomplish goals that would be unachievable otherwise.

Aronofsky probably wanted his viewers to realize that there is a strong connection between the world and mathematics. Mathematics can practically function as a language in explaining events happening throughout the universe and a person who is well-acquainted with this respective language is likely to gain a more complex understanding of things that seem unexplainable.

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Pi is one of the most powerful concepts in the film and by looking at how the circle is a perfect shape, one can easily acknowledge that Pi has a special place in the world. By dividing a circle's circumference by its diameter, one can get the number Pi. This particular number is impressive because it would be impossible to write it by using a traditional mathematical form. Instead, people relate to it by using a symbol, thus making it possible for humanity as a whole to understand the limitations how much the world actually knows with regard to mathematics.

Term Paper on Artist in Cultural Phenomenon in Assignment

Aronofsky emphasized Pi as a number that goes on and on forever and that is thus impossible to understand by people. The very concept of infinity stands as an idea that people understand, but that they also find impossible to think about. Similar to the Univers, the number Pi is infinite and humanity is unable to ever understand it completely. Pi practically took this number and related to it as possibly being the answer to existential questions -- questions that people have always considered, but that they have also acknowledged as being impossible to answer.

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