Artist Synthesis Related Design Elements Term Paper

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This would enable clarity and correctness with proportions, as well as achieving contrast, which is necessary to attract attention.

2. A layout should be simple and direct with color and space breakup otherwise the image becomes too confusing for the eye, disturbing, and it loses its harmonious intent. One unit should dominate the advertisement but it should amplify the message and cooperate with the whole. The intent, then, throughout is harmony. Mixing too many things reduces this harmony.

The commercial artist is not simply an artist but also an artist-salesman and for that reason he/she has to remember that her design has a message to sell. Her intent must be to achieve three objectives:

1. Attracting the viewer's attention

2. Conveying a message

3. Impressing the product on the mind of the reader

Mixing too many components, or if the boards is sloppy and overworked confuses and corrupts that message. The key objective should be attention: i.e. To grasp and retain viewer's attention to the product.

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An example of a theme that can be used to create a mood is the medieval design mentioned above. The components used in the storyboard would be the decision regarding which medium the illustration should use, since each medium has its particular quality. All details of the targeted viewer (as mentioned above) should be also simulated on storyboard there should be simplicity and emphasis of a single motif; in fact the motif should be used to guide attention. If any of these elements are missing or if the storyboard becomes too cluttered and inchoate, the artist / salesman damages her objective.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Artist Synthesis Related Design Elements Assignment

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