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The availability of data and its analysis in historic perspective enables the companies to take decisions with respect to the upcoming events. The future consumer trends are also likely to be measured in terms of present and past data. With respect to tsunami warning system, the historic hazards database is required to be synchronized with the global Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Joseph).

The work of MacInnis and Chun is particularly relevant for aligning the consumer behavior in relation to normal market conditions, as well as the element of hope depicted in the latter half of the movie Impossible (2012). The hope for getting medical aid for the mother is one of the most significant elements for Lucas in the movie. There are different levels of expectations present in the consumer behaviors. The hope for selves, products, and outcomes are highlighted in the work MacInnis et al. There are different domains of hope that are considerable by the marketers while taking decisions about developing products and services including life, economic, physical, emotional, and achievement.

Human conditions:

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The movie depicts catastrophic human conditions faced by the tourists after the natural disaster in the region. The immediate requirements for shelter, food, medical aid, information about their missing family members dominated all the other needs. The human conditions are also relevant for development of products and services. The economic, political, cultural, legal, technological, and environmental conditions of the market have a direct impact on the consumer behaviors. The market factors can also influence the human conditions to some extent (Arnold, & Quelch, 2012). The use of integrated market and the human condition is a common practice in marketing projections.

Socio-economic background:

Term Paper on Artistic Elements in Movie: The Assignment

The socio-economic background of the artists casted in the movie is presented as an upper middle class family of tourists. The British family of five (Husband, Wife, and three kids) represents a moderate socio-economic environment on a recreational trip to Thailand. The appeal created through the relevance of socio-economic background of the cast is used to highlight the message that, at one point, the family had access to all the necessities of life. After the incident, the needs and wants are changed while having the same privileges in their home country they are in need of immediate food, shelter, and medical aid.

Historical background:

The historic background of the event is related to the events taking place in year 2004 while Asian islands were hit by tsunami. The natural calamity was caused by an underwater earthquake in the sea. The tourist destinations offering seasonal seaside holidays were mostly affected by the event. The families of foreign tourists were injured; their loved ones were missing, and left vulnerable for days to come. The tsunami warning system was not present in the area and as a result the authorities and local businesses were not aware of the coming disaster.

Intrinsic understanding of artistic forms and development a basic component for business:

The markets are defined in terms of integrated sets of actual and potential customers, products and services. The customers have a common set of needs and wants and are interrelated while making a buying decision. Having said that, the organizations are required to develop a target point of attack through assembling the invasion force, define the targets, and launch the campaign. Therefore, the general need of artistic elements that are correlated with the set of customer perceptions and product features helps them achieve higher results (Accardi-Petersen).


The movie Impossible (2012) depicts the changing needs and wants of human beings after being struck with a natural disaster. The individual conditions are also dependent on the market and prevailing situations. The most significant message of hope is presented in the film it is also related to consumer perceptions and behaviors. The companies use artistic elements resonating with their products and target audience to be identified as a brand identity and image in the market.


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MacInnis, Deborah J., and Hae Eun Chun. Understanding hope and its implications for consumer… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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