Artistic Styles Essay

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These art works were created during the Renaissance. How do they illustrate Renaissance values and ideals?

The most common values / ideals that these different canvases are illustrating include: balance / proportion and the chiaraiso. The use of balance and proportion is utilized in both works through: showing life like images of subjects. In the case of Michael Angelo's Pieta, he is taking this one step further by illustrating real life images that were taking place. Once this occurred, it meant that everyone could relate and understand these ideas. Where, this is giving a sense of realism in the various works of art. (Richardson)

Chaiaraiso is when different colors and lighting are used to set the tone of the art work. In Isenheim Altarpiece, this being utilized with: dark colors in the background to show the sense of confusion and despair. However, when you look at the various subjects in the paintings, they are in brighter colors (i.e. gold and red). This is designed to highlight how a sense of momentous change is occurring with this incident. As a result, the use of chaiariso is a common technique that many painters will embrace to create a sense of mysticism and reality. In this work, Gruenwald used this as way to create an appreciation for these events and their meanings. (Richardson)

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These different elements are important, because they are showing how: the values and ideals have been constantly changing during the Renaissance. As, artists were embracing more liberal techniques to: tell a story, provide a sense of realism and mysticism. Over the course of time, these different factors would help to make these works of art masterpieces (based upon the way the artists were able to use these values and ideals).


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Essay on Artistic Styles Although One Is Assignment

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