Artists San Diego Tijuana Border and the Economic Impact Research Proposal

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Nevertheless, the source still reveals health factors that affect the economic impact of arts development at San Diego-Tijuana border.

Contrary to the article of the Aristizabal, Moctezuma focuses on the modern manifestation as well as the evolution of art in San Diego and Tijuana areas revealing that the art developments have been the noticeable changes that have happened in the area since the 1990s. The author reveals that there is an infusion of graphic design, video and music in the areas contributing to the immense economic development in the region. The article is one of the most important sources for the proposal because it explores the works of 41 artists as well as over 100 pieces of art. The author also discusses issues such as economics and politics of the arts. The source is important for the article because it will assist in answering the research questions relating to the project.

Contrary to the other articles reviewed, this article is an old source discussing how art and culture have assisted in supporting the San Diego economy. Ziter, asserts that arts are the critical aspect of the San Diego economy because arts and culture influence the economic buzz of the greater part of San Diego. The development persists in the area despite the lack of funding. While the article will serve as a source for the proposal, however, the article is already old. Nevertheless, the article still covers economic impact of arts on Tijuana and San Diego. The source will be used in conjunction with other scholarly articles reviewed.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Artists San Diego Tijuana Border and the Economic Impact Assignment

Similar to the other article reviewed, Walshok provides a strong argument on the innovative economic contribution of San Diego. The article further asserts that the financial networks, strong intellectual capital, the influx of skills and knowledge contribute to the development of the city. The source is good for the proposal because it covers an economic aspect of San Diego which is critical when dealing with the issue of broader Tijuana/San Diego paradigm with reference to arts and their economic impact. The source fits into the proposal because it covers the economic aspect of San Diego, however, dealing with a lesser aspect of art and cultural scene since it is impossible to talk about the economic aspect of Tijuana/San Diego without referring to the art and culture.


The proposal will use the document analysis to complete the project. The document is the systematic evaluating of scholarly articles to gain a greater understanding, elicit meaning as well as developing the empirical knowledge. (Bowen,27). The study will analyze documents that consist of texts, artworks and cultural artifacts. The benefit of the document analysis is that it assists in enhancing the triangulation of the project assisting the validity and reliability of the research project. Moreover, the document analysis is cost effective because it saves researcher's time in collecting data since the data are already available in the library and electronic database.

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