ASDA Way of Working Archie Case Study

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In the same way that McDonalds competes with Starbuck through the careful installation and trenchant marketing of its coffee bar, Asda can incorporate some of Trader Joe's. Just as Target has moved into groceries -- effectively competing for market share with Fred Meyer -- Asda can evaluate whether changes can be made effectively and determine the scope of change that the market will bear.


Norman's success as a change agent will depend largely on his ability to execute the requisite culture change at Asda. He made an excellent choice when he recruited Allen Leighton as VP of Marketing, who appears to be the sort of individual that associates will look to for confirmation that they are moving in the right direction. Norman's credibility will rest in the financial success of the company that is a result of the cost-cutting and structural changes he implemented early, and the backdrop of the softer attributes of the renewal effort. The shifts that are necessary for robust culture change include coordination of the change efforts in each of the stores, taking down the communication and functional silos, and establishing a rigorous training and development plan for internal managers. Some of this effort will be directed toward back-filling where spots of resistance to change have sprung up and where associates identify areas with which they would like more involvement -- this is the work of the mutual engagement of the core, and it will not be unfamiliar to a former McKinsey & Company consultant.


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Case Study on ASDA Way of Working Archie Assignment

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