Essay: Asena a Turkish Myth Just

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[. . .] Generally the ancient peoples believes that the wolf possessed spiritual powers, and that some parts of its body retained specific powers that could be used for different needs by the people (Turks). Moreover, in the modern Turkish nationalism the name Asena figures prominently. Asena have tended to inspire the names and have been used as a symbol of the Grey Wolves, the youth organization of the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party. In another area the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party utilized the name Asena as an ultra-nationalistic symbol.

As Turkish political groups known as Grey wolf ("Bozkurtla" in Turkish) and Idealist Youth ("Genclik" in Turkish) it has formed ultra-nationalistic neofascist youth organization. Such organization has been named after Asena who is the she-wolf in the mythodology associated with the Turkic ethnic origins. The baseline of this Turkic myth is to explain the way the Turkic people were created.

The grey wolf 'Bozkurt' has been the main totem of ancient Turkish tribes and was once the national symbol from Hun to Ottoman Empire. Prior to the adoption of Islam by the Turks, a head of a grey wolf was used when putting tips of flag poles, though was replaced later by crescent and star. Grey wolf has been admired as a strong, freedom loving and intelligence animal among the entire Turks as well as it has represented the nation of Turks from the Northern Pacific Ocean passing west Siberia to the Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.


Although to some extent the Grey wolf as groups have been associated with other forms of unaccepted acts against the human rights, the Asena mythology is still respected as a sign of unity. The Grey Wolf is Asena and Asena according to Turkic mythology is a female wolf. However because of this association of the grey wolf to modern rightist existing political groups found in Turks, has made the modern population shy away from the initially existing loyalty, beauty, strength, and intelligence that the ancestor of the nation rightfully chose as their symbol. [END OF PREVIEW]

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