Asexuality Is Being Conceptualized Research Paper

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(Allison, 2013)

The body of literature that exists in relation to Finger length ratios (2D:4D) are somewhat contradictory and the scholars and concerned officials have agreed on the point that the Finger length ratios (2D:4D) have an impact on the development of sexual orientation in men only and no such evidence is found in women. (Allison, 2013)

Relationships, Sexual Behavior and Attitudes toward Asexuality

According to the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), asexual people can have sexual desires and get indulge in sexual activities. It has been observed that some of the asexual people think of themselves as romantic and this indicates that these people have a desire to get indulge in romantic relations. Asexual people also get indulged in sexual behavior and activity but their indulgence is not triggered by sexual desire, instead it is triggered by other reasons, such as curiosity, desire to please their partners or an attempt to avoid conflicts in their relationships. (The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, 2012)

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According to the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), the asexual people can also get indulged in masturbation. This view was further supported by a study which was being conducted by Brotto and his colleagues in the year 2010. This study suggested that, 'the frequency of masturbation among asexual people was similar to that of the broader population. Masturbation was described by some asexual people as meeting a purely physical need, and was not associated with sexual fantasies or related to emotional or relational needs.' (The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, 2012)

Research Paper on Asexuality Is Being Conceptualized. In Assignment

The interviews conducted from asexual people indicated that these people can indulge in sexual activities only in a physical manner. These people stated that they cannot make any emotional connection with the activity. According to an interviewee, 'i am simply uninterested in having sex, not repulsed, and if my partner insisted on having sex I would oblige willingly. It is just not the emotional connection for me that it seems to be for most other people.' (The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, 2012)

The people that were being interviewed in the Brotto and his colleagues stated that asexuality shall be considered as biological makeup and not a disorder. These people were completely satisfied with their situation and suggested that other people shall also take it in a light manner as it is asexuality and not medical disorder that requires proper treatment. An interviewee suggested that, 'Everyone in the asexual community wants to spread the message that it's [asexuality] not a disorder and it's not something that's a problem and needs to be fixed…' (The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, 2012)

Distress, Interpersonal Difficulty, and Asexuality

No evident studies and research has been conducted in relation to the mental health of the asexual people. A recent study, however, stated that forty percent of the asexual people who did not get indulged in a sexual activity reported that they considered themselves happy and contended. Literature suggests that it cannot be regarded as an established fact that lack of sexuality or sexual desire cannot act as a reliable predictor of happiness and satisfaction. According to a recent study, 'even if asexual people do have, on average, elevated rates of distress or other mental health issues, there may be a significant number, perhaps a majority, of these individuals who do not.' (Bogaert, 2006)

With respect to interpersonal relationships it has been reported by a number of studies that the asexual people do not experience an important and social dimension of health because they refuse to or do not want to indulge in a sexual behavior with other people. According to Anthony Bogaert, 'Some of the asexual people may have, of course, a broad impairment, but even if a substantial number of asexual people do have interpersonal difficulties, this should not be used to pathologize all asexual people or asexuality generally.' (Bogaert, 2006)

Apart from the above mentioned facts some other considerations are also associated with asexuality. Firstly, the asexual people are reported to confront a number of issues in relation to their physical health. In addition to that, these people are also characterized by instability. This means that these people have an inclination to get attracted towards the same gender. Although, it is not necessary that homosexuality and asexuality interact with each other but it is possible that the people who belong to the asexual orientation may become diverted towards the homosexual orientation. (Bogaert, 2006)

Identities with which asexuality intersects

The asexual identity interacts with a number of other identities, for example two male citizens living together will be regarded as gay. The people will give them this identity irrespective of the fact that whether they have a sexual relationship. The asexual people, therefore, opt for any of the following identity and keep one of the identities as their primary identity and other as political identity. (Barakata Organization, 2012)

Bisexual Asexual People: These can be defined as people with, 'a 'romance drive' often find they have romantic attractions to specific types of people, for some these attractions are to both males and females and so these asexuals would be bi if not bisexual.' (Barakata Organization, 2012)

Bisensual: These are the asexual people who are not sexually attracted to anyone but they can develop intimate and sensual people with others. (Barakata Organization, 2012)

Polyamory: These are the asexuals that develop non-sexual relations with polyamorous sexual people. They also have the ability to develop prompt emotional relations. In addition to that, these people are also observed to develop long lasting group relations with a number of people. (Barakata Organization, 2012)

Queer: According to the Barakata organization, 'Queer is an identity which celebrates the difference and diversity of relationships under which those who are different unite'. (Barakata Organization, 2012) It has been reported by a number of studies that people who are perceived as bisexuals but originally queer are found in abundance. (Barakata Organization, 2012)


Asexuality can be defined as a lack of sexual desires and it can be conceptualized as a sexual orientation. The people who are asexual feel satisfied with their condition and believe that others shall also not look at asexuality with disgrace and dishonor. Asexuality is considered as a biologically rooted sexual orientation and it can have varying impacts on the relations, self identification and health of the asexual people. It is observed that the asexual people face elevated rates of heath risks and they are also subjected to instability, that is they might become interested in the people belong to same gender. (Deluzio Chasin, 2011)


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