Asian Godfathers Term Paper

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¶ … role of Asian billionaires and the impact of the tremendous amounts of growth in the region. This is accomplished by looking at a number of factors from the book the Godfathers of Southeast Asia with an emphasis on: comparing this class with other societies around the world (i.e. The United States), the extent these individuals are using free trade to create wealth and if the ideas of Milton Freedman will be proven to be correct. This is the point that we can make inferences about how a host of factors will affect economic growth and the different societies throughout the region.

For many people, Asia represents an opportunity for them to experience tremendous amounts of growth. Part of the reason for this, is because the entire region has been undergoing a major transformation from globalization and initiatives to implement free market principals in various economies. However, the changes that have been taking place are uneven amounts of growth with many of the elite in society receiving the greatest benefits.

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In the book the Godfathers of Asia, Joe Studwell is discussing the role that they are playing in the process, the rationale behind embracing free trade and the long-term impacts on the region. To fully understand what is happening we will examine various the changes that are occurring and impact that they are having on society. This will be accomplished by: comparing this class with other societies around the world (i.e. The United States), the extent these individuals are using free trade to create wealth and if the ideas of Milton Freedman will be proven to be correct. Once this happens, is when we will see how these individuals are influencing the tremendous amounts of growth that the Asia has been experiencing. (Studwell)

TOPIC: Term Paper on Asian Godfathers Assignment

The Asian Godfathers have gotten rich and protected their wealth over time. In what ways are their methods similar to the way Americans and others who live in free market countries like the United States get rich and protect their wealth. In what ways are their methods different? In your answer, specifically consider the rise and fall of companies. monopolies, big business and government.

The Asian billionaires are focused on increasing their income and net worth as much as possible. The reason why, is because they want to use the large amounts of free trade that are occurring around the globe, to give them access to markets that were once impossible to penetrate (i.e. The United States and Europe). This is a similar strategy that is used by many of their American counterparts, who are using free trade to increase their income and profit margins for their companies. To do this they have been focusing on establishing operations in regions that have lower labor costs (i.e. China / India) and then exporting the finished product to the United States. This is a part of an effort, to be able to gain access to these markets and use the low costs of labor to increase their profit margins as much as possible. While many of the Asian billionaires, are utilizing these tactics to be able to give them access to increased amounts of financing. This is helping these individuals to become involved in a host of industries that will increase their income and total net worth. (Studwell)

These different elements are important, because they are showing how both American and Asian billionaires have similar goals. Where, they want to be able to increase the profits and use globalization to help protect their wealth. Over the course of time, this strategy has allowed these individuals to be able to achieve their objectives by benefiting directly off of their country's economic development. This is significant, because this approach has helped the ultra-wealthy to use their corporations to create large monopolies in select areas of the world. As a result, this has allowed them to be able to expand the size of their business and to become increasingly dominant in select target markets. (Studwell)

The way that they are different is in the approach they are taking is to deal with a host of social challenges. For most Asian billionaires, they… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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