Asian Studies as Far as the Distribution Term Paper

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Asian Studies

As far as the distribution of power throughout the world is concerned, the position of supremacy of the United States of America has always supported the opposition between the East and the West. Power has various dimensions. Among them we can mention the economical, financial aspect, the political one, as well as the cultural side. The political power is supported by the other types which have already been mentioned. Military power is supported by a state's economy and at its turn supports the political power.

There has been a long lasting opposition between the distribution of power in the East and the West. The manner in which the states from these parts of the world have used the resources which have available for them has played a highly important part in the creating of this situation.

The USA has managed to create and sustain a developed economy through efficacious decisions at economic level. These decisions were supported and enhanced by political measures meaning to provide a synergistic functioning for the system. The size of the U.S.A. And the number of its inhabitants, as well as the available natural resources have also been an important factor, contributing to the acquisition of the present status.

The USA is one of the biggest powers in the world, from all the possible points-of-view, starting with the political dimension up to the cultural side. It is worth underlining the connection between a state's economical power and cultural influence. America has become an exporter of values.

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It has been stated that globalization is synonymous to Americanization. By selling its values, the U.S.A. has managed to improve its sale of products. This has important consequences as the cultural influence has become strong through its size. And its size, which is extremely big was possible to be achieved through the use of all possible media, from the printed press (especially magazines) to the internet.

Term Paper on Asian Studies as Far as the Distribution Assignment

Asia itself has become a market for the western values. taking into consideration the fact that the Asian population is so numerous and that the acquisition potential is also high, it is fundamental for the U.S. To be able to sell their cultural identity and export its values within these territories.

However, the situation is changing as the poles of power are becoming more numerous. It must be mentioned that the eastern economies are becoming more and more powerful and they will continue to grow. This means that the political power will also intensify in the area, making things different for the U.S.A., but also for the entire world.

Globalization has brought numerous advantages to the world's states, but at the same time has produced numerous problems which challenge the good functioning of numerous governments. These may have to do with the international trade, the migration flows, as well as with the international property rights and the humanitarian interventions.

The complexity of the challenges is big enough to make all the states collaborate in order to avoid crises in the future. At the same time, collaboration is positive for the development of the regions and the achievement of common goals.

The fact that new power poles are emerging, and this time not in the western part, but in the east may very well complicate the situation. The political interests and alliances in the east may also influence the reaction of the western world to the new occurring changes. History has demonstrated the fact that developed countries impose their rules upon developing ones.

In other words, the strong become stronger while the weak may very well become weaker. This is obvious when analyzing trade negotiations or when describing the contribution of the governments from developing countries to the functioning of the global institutions of governance.

It has been claimed that the U.S.A. is the only existing superpower and that the situation will continue to be the same for long. This would imply that the other countries which are undergoing a development process will not have the possibility to act on the stage of global governance. The fact that countries such as India and China are undergoing a consistent and constant development contradicts the predictions according to which the American supremacy will continue forever.

There are changes taking place at global level and they are powered not only by the western powers, but also by countries from Asia, which are undergoing significant changes. China foe example is likely to become the third largest economy in the world by 2020. The imports from the U.S. To China have doubled since 1995 and continue to grow. There are numerous chances for China to become the largest exporter in the world, which means that it will overtake the U.S. And Germany, making the power pole from this are move to the East.

The future power positions of India and China will change the world order that we know today and transform it into a multipolar power system. The fact that the world order will change will imply new fights for more power and it will be interesting to notice the new coalitions countries will be forced to make.

Another important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration is represented by the cultural differences. The religious factor is also important, since the values are extremely different when comparing the East and the West. China is proving to be the candidate with most chances of becoming the main adversary of the U.S.A. This happens due to various factors.

The first one is the development of economy. The second one is the rising quality of the diplomatic skills through which the state manages to achieve successes at political and economical level as well. The third factor which needs to be considered is represented by the cultural development. It is obvious that the economic development supports the cultural one, while the improvement of the cultural level favors a further economic growth.

Another key aspect that needs to be brought into discussion is represented by the difference in terms of regime between the eastern and western countries. The fact that China is not a liberal, nor democratic state may represent a real challenge in the future. One state can not impose its values upon another, but when economic and military issues are involved, the situation may become a bit more problematic.

The face of global governance will surely change and the approach to issue such as the human rights or the environmental standards will be more challenging under the circumstances in which the new power poles will have a different conception regarding them compared to the ones of Europe and the U.S.A.

The different approach to economics and politics, which is based upon different core values, has a risk potential that can not be ignored. China is an authoritarian regime as far as both politics and the market economy are concerned. Its alliances are made with countries sharing the same views, including Sudan and Algeria. These are countries in which the respect of the human rights is not what it should be after Western standards. This is why the rise of China's power may become problematic at global level.

The cultural differences represent a very difficult challenge. The consequences of possible misunderstandings could be very damaging. It is very important for the Western world to understand the values of the East and its approach to politics itself, otherwise the interaction between these poles will be full of difficulties.

It must be kept in mind that an opposition between the East and the West is not desirable, nor profitable for none of the parts, while collaboration could work to the benefit of everyone. The struggle for superiority id an aspect which intervenes at this point and represents a potential threat.

While both India and China have succeeded in developing their economies, it must be underlined that they are in need of help from the West in various areas. These areas are represented especially by technology, innovation and the environment. The extent to which this pole will be willing to help the other one will be decided as they both fight for resources which are limited. The long-term peaceful collaboration may prove to be a geopolitical challenge.

A fundamental role is played by the institutions through which governance takes place at global level. On the one hand, there are the new emerging super powers where there still is the vision of a nation-state. On the other hand, we have the industrialized countries which have understood the importance of interdependencies at global level and the need for international collaboration processes.

Sometimes, the policy of non-intervention proves to be the best solution although it may not appear to be politically correct at first sight. Taking into consideration the large differences between these two conceptions and the approaches to politics which derive from them, one can not stop from wondering to what extent will the new power constellation function efficaciously.

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