Aspects to Consider in Retail Logistics Research Paper

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Freight Movement & Logistical Manager Challenges

Freight Movement & Logistical Manager Challenges

Factors to consider in moving freight into the U.S. transportation systems

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As an operations manager, logistics manager or even as a freight forwarder, there are a number of factors that ought to be taken into consideration when making the decision of moving freight from Asia into the United States or moving freight from Europe into the transportation systems of the United States. One of these factors is cost. As an operations manager, the cost of moving such freight ought to be one of the most important factors to consider prior to such an undertaking. It is imperative to take into consideration as to whether the option of an ocean freight or air freight would be more economical and incur lesser costs. Most of the assumptions made are that ocean freight movement is much cheaper compared to air freight, however, and in as much as it is usually true, this is not always the case. As a freight forwarder, aspects such as destination charges are important to take into consideration. Irrespective of what nedium is used to move the freight, customs fees and destination fees will always be incurred. Despite the fact that the real shipment charge of sea freight is typically inexpensive in comparison to the shipment charge of air freight, the payments for warehouses at seaports are several times more costly compared to those at airports (Green, 2011).

Research Paper on Aspects to Consider in Retail Logistics Assignment

Another factor to take into consideration is swiftness of moving such freight from Asia and Europe into the transportation systems of the U.S. As an operations manager it is important to consider how fast the freight can be delivered to the consumers and the time frame that is given in such a context. For majority of the business of freight moving, faster is considered to be better. More so, it is important as the operations manager to have the additional period of time to make preparations for the arrival of goods in a new expanse. With reference to speed, air freight is considered to be the better option. However, ocean freight can handle more cargo. An additional factor to take into consideration is reliability. It is imperative for the manager to take into account, which is the best option to get things into the United States transportation system. Green (2011), observes that despite the fact that air freight movement has a shorter historical account in comparison to ocean freight movement, the former has a tendency of being considered more reliable. This is because, with ocean freights, the effectiveness of their scheduling is quite poor. Another important aspect that can be considered before entering the U.S. transportation systems is the level of demand. The whole practice of logistics encompasses all functions in relation to the handling as well as the movement of goods from where they are manufactured to the point of consumption. This implies that before entering the U.S. transportation system, it is important to ensure that the level of demand is enough to incur the costs of such investments. Not taking this factor of scale into consideration could bring about losses eventually. The demand levels are important as rates and charges of transportation can be deemed worthy and can also deem insufficient compared to the level of demand from the consumers (Fernie and Sparks, 2009).

Characteristics of the Distribution of Non-food Goods Purchased Online

The distribution of non-food items which are purchased online exhibit some key characteristics. To start with, these non-food items are largely delivered directly to the home of the customer from the place where they are produced, as well as, from a local center of distribution. Every order is made up of a few items and the order preference is integrated at a national and provincial level. A great number of the orders are routed by means of hub and spoke systems and set-ups of enormous parcel transporters as well as mail order enterprises. By transporting a variety of orders that are not in packed containers, the vehicles functioned by these enterprises characteristically have minor load issues compared to those faced by vehicles carrying packed goods items in their distribution channels and networks which offer supplies for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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