Case Study: Athlete Concerning Intimidation, Eligibility

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[. . .] He had to heighten his draft prospect for he had no intentions of going a head in his education which was even known by the coaches. The staffs arranged for Rudy his classes which evident violation of ethical values and he is never been held responsible for his action even after obtaining (DUI) falsely. These were not enough he went and advertise himself in college without considering the other team mates. At the games in the field he gain superstars type calls from referees which was malicious and he was physical in his type of play which was not being permitted to do so.

It is very important that our children are given teaching while they are still in elementary leagues to cub out chances of violation of the moral principles. At every stage moral principles should be affected in our sons and daughters. This makes those who venture in athlete not to be lost in their talents. The consequences of this is that it leads one in using drugs for there is a lot of money and there is no guidance for the way to use it and one can drop out of school, instead tries to concentrate in his talent.

Eligibility rules would have been violated when Joan could have taken the money for commercial purposes which can be identified after the Olympics that the rules have been broken. This can be considered as an athlete accepting a gift or money from a booster to be present at the program or for service rendered. Joan is not expected to take the money whether was under the table or at any place unless she does the commercial after track seasons.

In United States baseball at college level has not been considered as much important to build players professionally during the competition as realized in football and basketball but this is done by minor leagues at lower levels. Players of baseball professionals does not require college for them to be at this level as it is experience in basketball and football not unless they decide to compete for three years to regain eligibility. Many of the teams are still in division one across the country but the same obstacle, restriction, rules and other restriction are used on them. lot of base ball sports at colleges in U.S. are directed by NCAA or the NAIA.The mandate of the NCAA is to write the rule that governs the play while the tournament season at the end of the season is supervised by sanction bodies. The tournament goes up to the finals stages as played by NCAA which is referred to as College World Series. Competition sanction is held after each of the three levels. Division one should have a range of 64 teams where a site which has 16 regions should contain four teams and this format is called double-elimination. The next level is Super Regional which is played at eight sites which are only played by the 16 best teams from the first level and it is played head to head in the best of three series. The next level is College World Series where the eight qualifies from the second level move to, and is of double elimination where only two team qualifies to play the finals and the winner in the finals is declared the Division 1 national champion. The eligibility or elimination are being experienced by the teams at each level of the tournament which when a team wants to avoid it should practice a lot so that it be strong enough to beat the other teams at different levels so that it reaches the finals and even win which is a responsibility of the coach. (NCCA 2009 College World Series)

Commercial Sports is evident whereby Mario Sharapova even though she was given a better chance by Serena Williams she managed to take in straight set Single championship for ladies and this made her superstardom in the tennis world and marketing of the sports. The life of Maria and her agent changed. Without knowing it all over sudden one can either build or break a course of career in his being a star athlete in terms of marketing as experienced by Atlanta Falcon Quarterback Michael Vick who was the best approval objective of the clients such as Coca-Cola up to the time he was embarrassed at the beginning of that year in a dog fighting scandal. Superstars who are involved in entertaining field are of specific significant to Harvard Business School Professor whether it is a third baseman or a legend. The industry of marketing sports touching all the section starting right from television rights to endorsements, merchandising and the sponsorship is an essential department and is increasing rapidly. On comparison of 2001 and 2007 Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates reveals that the revenue for the sports in the year 2007 total to about $50 billion while for the year 2001 was $35 billion, meaning that the expectation of the global scale might be next to $100 that year as analyzed to 2001 which is $70 billion. Due to this endorsement a number of marketers decides to promote their products using the athletes, the reasons being that it is the modern efficient way of reaching the consumers as compared to the traditional methods of advertisements like use of the television which makes it difficult for commercial messages credibility to be attained.

The consequences is that the business industry find it more reliable way of advertisement

Which reach a wide range of people since sports marketing industry is a global business? Many of the athletes who are highly paid receives a lot of money out of this which are coming from endorsement and other activities of commercial which is more than from what they get from winning and salaries. But it has also interfered with other advertisement sectors for they do not get the opportunity to advertise like they use to get. In the case of Mario it is not evident that he participated in commercial sports because the promotion that he was offering to the local casino is the same as the other advertisements offered by other athletes and the extent of exploitation is insignificant because of the fact that both he and the casino owners are beneficiaries.

In the case of sports technology basing the fact from ProVantage which is a section of the world top Sport Technology Research Institute at Loughborough University. It gives the coach a favorable environment to expand their games by facing the greatest comprehensive golf achievement analysis applying the top- edge technology.ProVantage has been advanced from swing games sessions which was headed by experts of the team in the Institute's Biomechanics Lab for Lee Westwood and his coach. This was to increase his performance by identifying specific training programme.Loughborough Expertise is well-known for operating in golf together with elite golfers, coaches and directors of performance and at the same time they dealt in golf products for top manufacturing for example Callaway Golf and Maxfli.Examples of golf specific instrumentation include; balls, club head tracking and robots most of them are locally made from the institute, the biomechanics features of the laboratory start of the apparatus of the art for performance of the human in addition they analyze of the 3D precision of the whole swing motion. According to (Wes Sime/Thomas W .Allen and Catalina Fazzano 2000 described how sport athletes can find their zone of excellent where sports psychologists and trainers of peak achievement trainers always seek a method of cutting edge of achieving the excellent expedient way to confidence, required focus, somebody's ability to be trusted, self-control and resourceful pattern movements. This is the needed features that are experienced in nearly performance of high levels not forgetting team and sports of individuals. All of them are given reward when are graceful, but still powerful movement which is performed with not effort composure


Athlete sports covers a wide range of areas in the society and globally, most of talents are being natured through athletic sports which open for the youths and other generation the opportunity to invent more not only in the field of skills but also in finances. The concepts discussed above on the athletic sports even though they contributes to the development of athletic sports, they have their consequences which if not dealt with properly might bring negative influence to an individual or the team at large. Therefore necessary precautions should be taken in order to avoid such occurrence whenever they are experienced.


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