Essay: Athlete Who Uses Performance Enhancing Substances

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Athlete who uses Performance Enhancing Substances

There have been several court documents that have shown that Barry Bonds tested positive for three types of steroids throughout his career. Among other evidence that has been made public there was a positive test for amphetamines in 2006 in a urine sample Bonds gave to Major League Baseball. There were doping calendars that his agent had maintained with the initials "BB" and a handwritten note seized from his house labeled "Barry" that appears to be a laundry list of steroids and planned blood tests (Court Documents Show Barry Bonds Tested Positive for 3 Types of Steroids, 2009)

According to his ex-girlfriend because of the steroids his body had grown thicker, his back was pocked with acne, his hair had fallen out and his testicles had shriveled. He would often ask her if she thought anyone would suspect he was on the juice. She also reported that he was always moody. She said that the drugs radically changed his behavior as well as his body. In the time that she knew him he became a different person, controlling, threatening and finally violent (O'Keefe, Michael, 2007).

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