Athletics and Academics Essay

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Consequently a football player will practice for a big game but will fail to study for a final examination. There is also the factor that in big sports town like the ones researched in Texas, teachers are encouraged to be more lenient on the star athletes. This provides the players with grades that they did not earn and thus when it comes time for standardized examination, the student finds him or herself ill equipped to perform.

These findings are not solely applicable to football. Schools that are invested in other sports basketball or baseball have a similar misplaced priority. It is estimated that at some schools, athletic spending has increased by 25% in the last decade, while funding has been cut in other departments (Sylwester 2004). Across the country, schools have been forced to make drastic decisions regarding their academic programs because of economic issues. Still, athletics takes priority and sport departments are given moneys even when math and language arts classes suffers, and music and art classes are being cut altogether.

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However, not everyone agrees with the findings of Meier and his colleagues. Research conducted by David Larimore in 2007 argues the very opposite; that involvement in athletics increases ability in other avenues and instructs the individual athlete on how to be a better member of society. What Larimore determined was that athletics "build character in terms of teamwork, loyalty, and self-sacrifice" (2007). This research enforces the above-mentioned attitude that athletics encourages character development. Yet, even a biased research like Larimore's was unable to affirm that athletics increased the individual student's achievements in academics.

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In response to the allegation that most athletic departments were given financial priority over academics, an Ohio University coach stated that it was athletic involvement that kept alumni interest and insured charitable donations from the community (Sis 2011). A promising athletic team, according to the sports enthusiasts, provides moral support for the students and encourages outside people to become interested in the achievements of the school or university in question. The Meier group found no correlation between athletic success and academic success. Rather the opposite. Students heavily engaged in sports were less likely to do well academically. Students not engaged in sports also suffered because of the social stigma of being non-athletic.

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