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5 mg, 1.7 mg and 20 mg respectively. [Healthnotes INC] Atkins dieters derive these and other minerals from the prescribed multivitamin supplement 'Basic #3 Formula'. It is to be noted that the Atkins diet program is not self-sufficient and hence the dependence of supplementary vitamin dosages is a life long necessity.

Atkins Program strongly recommends regular aerobic exercises (5 times a week) as a general rule. Weight bearing exercises are also indicated to strengthen the bones and improve the muscle tone. Since chances of cholesterol buildup are a bit higher in the Atkins diet, regular aerobic and weight bearing exercises are part of the diet regimen. The recommended plan is to start with aerobic exercises and include weight training later on once the endurance level is increased. Most of the recipe information pertaining to the Atkins nutritional approach program is freely delivered on the internet. There are a variety of Atkins brand products, lunch and dinner products and different supplementary products to choose from. So the individual may either follow the recipe and prepare the food at home or buy Atkins brand products. Hence, cost of following the program may depend on the choice of the dieter.

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There are definitely health risks associated with the Atkins diet program. The fundamental change in food composition and consequent metabolic process carries a risk of electrolyte imbalance in our body. As Gail Frank, PhD, nutrition professor at California State University states, "Fruits and berries are much more indicative of early man's eating pattern than eating only protein, and we haven't changed all that much physiologically."[Charlotte E. Grayson]. High protein diet is known to cause the condition of acidic urine, which depletes calcium from the body. The result of calcium loss is a bone degeneration condition known as Osteoporosis. Developing kidney stones is another major risk for Atkins dieters. [Kathy Goodwin] It is also well-known that animal proteins are toxic in nature compared to vegetable and fruit sources and hence Atkins diet is not a healthy approach [Dan Rutherford] Further, the assumption that increased carbohydrates is the cause for overweight condition may itself be ill founded, as for instance, Japan as a nation where carbohydrates forms the major diet, has a very low obesity rate.


Atkins diet has created a revolution in weight management. There is no question of doubt that the diet has great success as an effective weight management program and even improved certain health aspects. However, a diet that is continuously dependent on supplements and which drastically limits the intake of natural foods such as fruits and vegetables is seriously questionable. Fruits not only supply vitamins but also include a variety of Phytochemicals, which are essential for bolstering the immune system and preventing chronic diseases. Though Atkins weight management program is a definitive way to loose quick pounds it entails potential health risks. Recent research findings that single vitamins are not easily assimilated by the body only adds to our concern of living on a supplemented diet. An ideal way to manage weight would be to consume a balanced diet, with regular exercises instead of resorting to a diet change that totally alters the body metabolism and leaves us dependent on a lifetime of supplements.


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A Sample Menu

Atkins Nutritionals Inc., "Sample Menus for the Four Phases of the Atkins Nutritional Approach," Accessed on 6th December 2004, [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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