Book Report: Atrocities Happening in Recent Modern

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[. . .] From this point onwards, the tensions between such groups are inevitable and increase as time evolves.

Another reason for which a group of people may try to inflict decisive harm on another group is peer pressure and fear. At least in the case study provided by Gross, it was relatively obvious that 1941 was one of the most tensed years in the history of the war as well as in that of Poland's. Seeing that the German forces were keen in eliminating as many Jews as possible and given the nature of the events on other war theaters, the local communities were also frightened for their own security and therefore adapted to the pressures of the many.

Finally another reason for which people kill other people at such a massive pace is also connected to the influences they receive from outside. For instance, in Poland, the Jewish problem was not a new aspect, but rather one that had been promoted at the radio or through other means for years before the actual event in 1941. Similarly, in Rwanda, the role of the radio was crucial in bringing about the spirit of rebellion and of violence on the Tutsi. Therefore, again, the role of external factors may determine such dramatic changes in human behavior.

Overall, it can be concluded that Gorss's book is essential for understanding better the nature of genocide and the way in which communities can transform as a result of artificial construction, peer pressure, fear, and external influences.

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