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¶ … Attend the Ross School of Business

Thank you for your courtesy and consideration, and for the opportunity to apply for admission to the MBA program at the Ross School of Business.

The curriculum and course descriptions are compellingly for me, in particular a few that I will mention in this essay. But I want to express how impressive it was for me to see on the home page of the Ross School of Business site that Ross students "seek to revitalize, redefine Detroit."

An activist, educated and well-balanced approach to revitalizing our cities and our infrastructure -- using young educated talent with business knowledge and undaunted energy -- is precisely what America needs right now. I wish to be a part of this new push to help regenerate the business environment, and rebuild where it is possible, in Detroit or elsewhere, to bring the United States back to the forefront of global innovation and economic success.

In his State of the Union speech President Barack Obama called for Americans to roll up their sleeves and help provide the leadership in industries. "At stake is whether new jobs and industries take root in this country or somewhere else," he said. I want to receive the education and business training at Ross School of Business so I can contribute to making America the "best place on Earth to do business," as the president indicated.

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The Business Economics courses offered at Ross School of Business are well respected and very desirable for a person eager to work hard and learn from the top tier of instruction. In particular, I am impressed with BE 527, Energy Markets and Energy Politics. I am very eager to learn the dynamics of -- and the history of -- the environmental and social impacts of institutions in the United States.

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