Attending the Lecom School of Pharmacy Admission Essay

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¶ … attending the LECOM School of Pharmacy because of the unique opportunities offered by the school. As a retail pharmacy technician, I have seen how important it is for pharmacists to work with patients, because many patients have multiple doctors and have not provided those doctors with complete medical histories. Therefore, pharmacists may be the only medical providers aware of possible medical interactions or other pharmaceutical contraindications, and cannot be relegated to the role of medication providers. LECOM has a reputation of teaching pharmacists how to take an active role in patient care by being actively involved in disease management, behavior modification, and drug therapy; and I believe that philosophy is one that all pharmacists should embrace.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Admission Essay on Attending the Lecom School of Pharmacy Because Assignment

To me, professionalism means retaining the ability to do one's job regardless of the emotional or situational context of the situation. I believe that the concept of professionalism is especially important for pharmacists, because there are some medications that many pharmacists find morally objectionable. However, professionalism means that one does not impart value judgments… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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