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[. . .] ). This model has been implemented in many countries as the standard for business excellence and drives organizational efficiency and change. Through this model, organizations can employ self-assessment tools that result in potential rewards. By undergoing a self-assessment, an organization can develop and monitor its standards of quality as well as its internal corporate culture with ease and objectivity (Business Enhancement Ltd.). In any successful implementation of a business excellence model, the organization must employ these tactics as steps toward the development of a Total Quality Management (TQM) system. According to Business Enhancements Ltd., "Self-assessment allows you to identify clearly your strengths and areas for improvement by focusing on the relationships between your people, your processes, and your results."

The European Quality Award encompasses a number of areas, but primarily, the award is designed to recognize organizations that identify, develop, and release the talents of their employees to produce positive results: "In other words, the processes and the people are the Enablers which provide the results" (Business Enhancements Ltd.). The following nine elements comprise the European Quality Award Business Excellence Model (Business Enhancements Ltd.):


People Management

Policy & Strategy



People Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Impact on Society

Business Results

Each of these units is given a score to determine the organization's chances of receiving such an award. The benefits of this plan are numerous and include the following (Business Enhancements Ltd.): A structured approach to business improvement, Assessments based on fact rather than individual perceptions and opinions, A means to achieve consistency of direction and a consensus on what actions need to be taken, employees are educated in the methods to apply the principles of TQM, employees gain enthusiasm by providing a fresh view of how the business wishes to operate, progress is measured rather than time, and benchmarking techniques are utilized in order to evaluate the firm against other European organizations.

Internal auditors can use this model to improve their overall business process and consultancy role in a number of ways. Process flow chart mapping composes the enablers section of the BEM and is primarily concerned with the methodology employed by the organization. The concept of deployment is concerned with the degree to which the approach has been implemented to its full potential within the organization (Business Enhancements Ltd.). The flow chart system will enable the organization to implement a unified business model that will ensure compliance and oversight for all business units. The results section of the BEM also utilizes process flow chart mapping through the criteria listed above, including leadership, customer satisfaction, and impact on society.

Vanguard Education's article also provides an assessment of the Business Excellence Model in another light. According to John Seddon, the Business Excellence Model is designed to "Support the management of Western European organizations in accelerating the process of making quality a decisive influence for achieving global competitive advantage." The model focuses on current performance and how it can be improved. This provides management with more confidence regarding their decisions within the firm. Quality is also a critical aspect of this process, and in most organizations, the only alternative. However, TQM cannot be successfully realized without significant efforts from all areas of the organization: "Quality teaches managers to work in a different and better way. Rather than think top-down, you think outside-in. The design of work is less concerned with functional issues and more concerned with the nature of demand and flow. To work this way requires different and better measures - measures of capability and variation. This way of thinking is distinguishably different from mass-production thinking, the two are diametrically opposed - they cannot co-exist" (Vanguard Education). Internal auditors that implement this type of model within their organizations are likely to successfully identify problem areas and promote solutions as well as organizational growth and success.


Internal auditors possess a unique function within an organization. They are responsible for a wide array of activities, from compliance and oversight to problem-solving and recommendations. As a result, they must act in a consulting role in order to identify existing problems and provide suggestions for improvement. The implementation of a Business Excellence Model within an organization will promote the identification of problems within the business through a self-assessment mechanism. Internal auditors can act as the enablers by performing the self-assessment analysis in order to identify problem areas and recommend solutions so that the firm can sustain a competitive advantage. Internal… [END OF PREVIEW]

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