Augustine, Ambrose, Jerome Rev Research Paper

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As the growing structures of the church replaced the collapsing structures of the empire, the Church Fathers largely provided an intellectual structure and rationale for the new religion that would replace the collapsing political system. Jerome translated the Old and New Testaments into the official language of the Roman Empire, which was Latin: this made the text available to anyone who was within the geographical and political reach of Rome, and thus radically democratized scripture -- in Babcock's words, "to bring the Bible into the language…of the street, the language spoken in the fish market" (141). Augustine provided the intellectual framework for understanding scripture, by offering an interpretation of history in his work City of God, which justified the fall of the empire as being necessary to make way for Christ, and offered "a sweeping look at history and biblical teaching on eschatology" (Babcock 140). And Ambrose provided his "organizational ability" to the way in which scripture should be interpreted, by clarifying when a text should be understood literally or figuratively (Babcock 141). These three Church Fathers were essentially providing an intellectual and theological (rather than institutional) structure to Christian thought, and defending it against the attacks leveled by the moribund but still vociferous "pagan philosophers and pagan politicians" (Babcock 140).

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