Australian Carbon Tax Essay

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However, there are certain economic theories that come into play in setting up the basis for success that it seems many legislators have overlooked in the process of pushing the proposed bill forward.

The Economist notes, that in the "neat world of economic theory, carbon reduction makes sense until the marginal cost of cutting carbon emissions is equal to the marginal benefit of cutting carbon emissions" (Economist, 2007, p.1). However, in the context of real world implementation, politicians are at an impasse in terms of previous legislation successes to structure upon. The article notes, that if a carbon tax is set too low, too much carbon will be emitted, but since the environmental effect of greenhouse gases builds up over time, a temporary excess will make little difference to the overall path of global warming (Economist, 2007, p1). This fact is one that many business owners and employees note in making their case against the carbon tax.

As morose as it may seem, the concept of global warming in the long-run is one that many individuals deem to be inescapable. Thus, the imparting of unprecedented high taxes within the market is one that causes uproar for businesses that have never had to deal with such issues.


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As seen, the passage of a carbon tax within Australia will have a significant effect on the tourism and hospitality industry in both the short and the long-term. While individual households will be given nearly $1.5 billion in cash handouts before the carbon tax is passed, businesses are struggling to find their aid (Packham, 2011, p.1). The tourism and hospitality industry has seen nothing but uncertainty and dismal outlooks since the onset of tax legislation, and the question remains to be answered: will dismal outlooks turn into dismal realities for an industry that has long been a staple in the Australian economic market?


TOPIC: Essay on Australian Carbon Tax the Introduction Assignment

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