Australian Criminal Justice System Is Shaped Largely by Society Discuss This Statement Essay

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Australian criminal justice system is shaped largely by society. Discuss this statement.

Social tendencies in Australia are reflected by the Australian criminal justice system, taking into account that it is the product of years of hard work performed as the authorities and the masses cooperated. One of the principal focuses of this system is related to how all people need to be treated equally, regardless of any kinds of particularities that can be associated with them. The fact that states and territories in the country have different criminal justice systems makes it possible for one to understand that the diversity in the country has had a strong influence on these legislations.

Many Australians are unable to understand the importance of having a solid criminal justice system and are generally inclined to put across hesitation regarding them getting actively involved in shaping this collection of laws. "Criminal laws are said to reflect the morals of the community and the generally accepted attitudes about what is appropriate conduct and what is not" (Heilbronn 449).

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The police are in charge of enforcing the criminal justice system and the people thus need to have a complex understanding of this community and of the concept of authorities as a whole. Even with this, people have the tendency to respond differently in particular circumstances involving the police. Some feel that the police are obligated to make society a safer place and that they absolutely need to capture individuals who perform illegalities, regardless of the situation. However, the same individuals are probable to feel that their intimacy is being breached when they are questioned, fingerprinted, or when the authorities listen to their phones. Individuals thus have to understand that the police have the duty to do everything in its power in order to punish criminals and prevent crime from happening.

TOPIC: Essay on Australian Criminal Justice System Is Shaped Largely by Society Discuss This Statement Assignment

Many Australians consider that the police's powers are carefully controlled with the purpose of protecting "individuals from harassment and unfair investigatory practices" (Heilbronn 450). While this can be considered normal when regarding matters from the perspective of the simple individual who wants safety but is reluctant to support invasive investigatory practices, police officers typically believe that a great deal of minority groups prevent them from doing their job properly as a result of the fact that they condemn particular activities.

The Police force in New South Wales has become accustomed to using 'sniffer' dogs with the purpose of detecting individuals who are carrying illegal substances. This practice has been particularly effective and the authorities actually promote it as being one of the best anti-drug strategies that they have implemented in years. In contrast, civil liberties lawyers criticize the practice and claim that it is unfair because it indirectly says that everyone walking on the street is a suspect. From their perspective, the normal thing to do would be to allow individuals to walk without restrictions in public locations without fearing that a police officer might approach and interrogate them. It is thus difficult to evaluate the condition of the Australian criminal justice system when considering that there are mixed opinions concerning the effectiveness with which social ideas are incorporated in agendas belonging to police officers (Heilbronn 450).

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