Australian Defense and Strategic Policy Term Paper

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In other words, it is not totally balanced, because it is meant to boost support for the defense spending measures and their hoped results. The main evidence used in this paper are defense department numbers indicating how the nation's defense force is going to get new funding, that will help the nation's security in a number of ways. They will have new warships, new personnel, and even new benefits for personnel, and they will create cyber security and enhance other systems to keep the country secure and safe. While the white paper is partly propaganda, it is also compelling, and it seems that the country will be safer as a result of the items implemented from the white paper.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Australian Defense and Strategic Policy. Assignment

The article, on the other hand, analyzes the white paper and defense structure from another point-of-view, that of a journalist. The author writes, "Australia now discerns a future in which 'there will be a number of other powers floating about, China and India, for example, the re-emergence of Russia'" (Bandow 2009). While the white paper defends its relationship with the United States, and ensures it will continue, author Bandow notes that China's growing influence simply has to change Australian policies. He continues, "Although the U.S. isn't going away anytime soon, its relative domination will shrink and its willingness to make war for its allies will diminish. Different circumstances require different policies" (Bandow 2009). Australia wants to be able to defend itself on its own, without help from large military powers like the United States, and the author maintains that is why Australia is funding a military build up. The author shows why Australia should be concerned about ongoing tensions in the Pacific, and why it is a good idea to do a build up. The evidence he uses comes from the white paper, but also his own insight into the Australian defense policy, coupled with a great understanding of the area and its tensions. They are very close in the actual information on defense spending, including what the money will buy, but the Web site article is much more detailed and balanced, because it is not trying to "sell" the defense plan, but to analyze it instead. This article is much more persuasive, because it is balanced and analytical, rather than more of a PR piece. Ultimately, it shows that Australia is going to have to rethink its alliance with the United States, largely because the world's powers are changing, and the United States may become "stretched too thin" to help all its allies when they are in trouble.


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