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The cooperative in turn, rents those houses to its members. There are new schemes in Australia, but despite attempts to make it popular in Australia, the project has failed considerably because Australians prefer to own houses outright.

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For a proposed increase in the density of houses in Australia, individuals need to understand future housing designs. Previous generations in Sydney had a positive response of their neighborhoods. An experiment of the year 1979 showed that 90% of children had positive evaluation about their neighborhood. These children had a positive response on the physical amenities as well as the open space. Children in these neighborhoods were sensitive on the bush land, parks, residential streets and gardens. These open spaces are very essential for children development. Over the years, citizens of these cities have been searching for neighborhoods with minimum setbacks. Over the years, cities have been increasing their densities. It is not prudent to overlook other things when designing a community-housing layout. For example, open space or the culture of the neighborhood. Open space has been of a great importance in the Australian community. It is a belief that opens spaces in cities once a time motivated ideas and decisions. Open space however, for the last couple of years has been on the decrease. There has been a rise in the transit-oriented model of housing. However, cities can have both an open space and transit oriented design (Amanda, 2010). Therefore, there is a need to develop a garden oriented model of housing in Australia. Garden oriented model of housing has gained popularity over time. On can develop a community garden in a home or more so develop a network of community gardens.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Australian Suburbia a Suburb Is Assignment

Suburbia is a description of the culture of the Australian people. Concentration of people in the country is mainly in the metropolis. Australian cities however, have the most disperse populations in the world. There is a cultural attachment to the suburbia in Australia due to a variety of reasons. This culture of the Australians has been a subject of study over a long period since the 20th century. At the present moment suburbia, culture is a common place in the country. Post war designs portray a lot about the culture of Australia (Bartholomaeus, 2010). The art is sent to the world in the form of film and cinema industry of this culture. Suburb tends to come from cities that have adjacent flat lands. In Australia, localities represent suburbs in the rural places. Moreover, it is further subdivided into inner suburb and external or outer suburb. The difference between the two is the proximity of the suburbs to the city with the inner suburbs characterized by high intensity population of apartments.


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