Author Present a View of Society Thesis

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¶ … Society

Does the author present a view of society?

The author does present a number of competing views of society - with the focus on the interpretivist view of social interaction. Interpretivism refers to the theoretical stance or view that culture and context are central determining factors that need to be understood if one is to truly understand a particular culture. This view is contrasted with more quantitative and objectivist theories about the nature of society - such as the functionalist and Marxist views.

However, the author stresses that the subjective view or the qualitative analysis of society and culture and institutions like schools are essentials if one is to understand the culture and the school. This argument is underlined by the view that objectivity and measurement in the social sciences is not adequate to comprehend and understand the intricate nature of culture and the importance of context in the analysis of society.

The author explains the difference between functionalist and Marxist perspectives but shows how interpretivism is useful in the close observation of actual interaction between people and between the people in a school. These actions are interpreted in an attempt to understand the way that society and institutions function.

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Therefore, interpretivism differs markedly from functionalism and Marxism in that it deals with the context of each particular school and situation and does not just apply overarching theories and rules. Interpretivism is important in that it acknowledges that the same action or behavior can be interpreted differently in different cultures and social contexts.

2. Does the author present a view of the self?

The main view of the self that this article presents is that the self from an interpretivist perspective is comprised of relationships and interaction with others that can vary and change according to context. Therefore, the self should be understood in the particular context or cultural milieu.

TOPIC: Thesis on Author Present a View of Society Assignment

On the other hand, the author also presents a view of the self from the functionalist point-of-view; where the self is seen as an objective functioning unit in society; and from the Marxist perspective, where the emphasis is on how the self is subjugated by class structures and other elitist influences. The stress in this article is on the complex nature of the self and the importance of context and cultural environment in the way that the self is constituted. The article also ties the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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