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A more thorough literature review might have elucidated this point prior to the study thereby rendering it more efficacious, if the authors had chosen to include review articles or educational reports (which they did not), or perhaps used some other literature review sources other than Pubmed and Cinahl. The relative paucity of articles reviewed for this study helped to offset some of the positive aspects of the review, which indicated that none of the previous studies were randomized clinical trials and that post-operative rehabilitation massage therapy had not been evaluated. The authors did a good job by conducting a study that incorporated both of these aspects, but should have reviewed more articles to find other areas that they could have tested as well.

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There are other aspects of this study that are affected by the dearth of literature reviewed in this subject and the scarcity of participants. The hypothesis is a little ambiguous and stated as an "aim" to see what would happen with massage therapy with cerebral palsy children in post-operative rehabilitation -- a true hypothesis would have posited a possible outcome. Other areas reflect the authors' propensity for organization, such as the fact that the research design -- limited by the lack of participants which negatively impacted the design's ability to answer the research question -- utilized both quantitative and qualitative methods. Although the former of these was alluded to earlier in this paper, the latter was a good means of backing up limited statistical information. The context of the study was also well elucidated, with a number of salient references made to preceding research that unequivocally demonstrates the fact that children with cerebral palsy experience pain.

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The data collection procedures were fairly clear and reflect the strength of the overall organization that typified this particular study. Had the researchers merely been more prudent in conducting their literature review and more thorough in gathering an increased number of participants, this study could have yielded significant more use. Yet they did well to address ethical concerns with a full disclosure of the procedures to the parents and the children involved, and controlled threats to data validity.


Nilsson, S., Johansson, G., Himmelmann, K. (2011). "Massage Therapy in post-operative rehabilitation in children and adults with cerebral palsy -- a pilot study." Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. 17 (3): 127-131. Retrieved from


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