Autism and Immunizations Term Paper

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Autism refers to a group of disorders of the brain that undermine the normal cognitive development and the general sensory perception and processing in children. Regressive autism is one of the forms wherein children who had developed normally start to loose their cognitive motor skills and progressively fall into autism. There is much debate surrounding the MMR and DPT vaccinations and their possible link with the development of regressive autism. The timing of these vaccinations at 15 months and 18 months fall in the same period when most children contract regressive autism (18 to 24 months). This gives enough reason for researchers to suspect a positive link between the two. The following discussion is based on two articles that have differing viewpoints about vaccination and the link to autism. A brief overview would provide us with a better insight on the issue.

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In the first article, Dr. Mary Megson, strongly opines that MMR and DPT vaccination could have a direct relation to development of regressive autism in children. Dr. Megson says that the increase in number of autistic children is due to the increasing vaccinations, particularly, the MMR and DPT vaccines. The DPT vaccine contains pertusis toxin known to cause defective G. alpha protein. She states that DPT vaccination causes G-Alpha Protein Defects, which separates the G. protein from its retinoid receptors resulting in depletion of vitamin a and night vision impairment, a common symptom in autistic children. She explains that an intact G. alpha protein is critical not only for vision but also for touch, hearing and other sensory perceptions. Also, vitamin a is known as the "anti - infective agent" and its depletion makes the children immunosuppressed leaving them open to other opportunistic infections.

Term Paper on Autism and Immunizations Assignment

Dr. Megson argues that since G. alpha proteins control various metabolic pathways any disruption in them could trigger gluconeogenesis, hyperlipidemia and cellular malignancies. She further expounds that the MMR vaccine given earlier affects aproptosis by cross-reacting with the cytoplasmic intermediate filaments. This affects cellular communication and the ability of the cells to destroy abnormal cells in the vicinity. So as per Dr. Megson, MMR and DPT constitute a deadly combination. She urges the government to implement a new vaccine policy with safety of the children as the first priority. [Mary Megson]

The other article by Michelle meadows contradicts the hypothesis linking autism and vaccines. Quoting studies across the U.S., UK, Denmark and Sweden the article tries to disprove the vaccine theory for regressive autism disorder. While admitting that 'Thimerosal', a mercury-based… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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