Film Review: Autism What Can We Learn

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What can we learn from the unique approach presented in Horse Boy? What do you think was effective in helping this child? How can we apply learning from this film in schools, clinics, and counseling settings?

"Horse Boy" is one of the most significant undertakings that employed various approaches and mechanisms of maintaining a reputable advance between children and their parents together with relatives. The Horse Boy is a living example to the present states of family governance and management in the world. Children have had many avenues and chances of standing out for their immediate needs and specifications in order to be precise. The governorship of the available approaches is rudimentary to the general management of families and growing children as a whole. The "Horse Boy" has presented one of the vivid approaches through which families and caretakers should be good and effective in caring for their children in the society.

Various aspects of family hood and management of the society are reiterated from Horse Boy film. The innate facets within family management are reiterated within the film. For instance, it is very possible to have associated avenues that are directed at influencing positive management of families and society as a whole. The immediate needs of the Horse Boy have been identified and considered by the family. The family is concerned with the management details that ensure equitable management of the child. Besides realizing the specified needs of the child, the family will move closer to resettling and paving way for the management and equitable growth for their children. Many social structures are directed at releasing the tensions and hardship moments that were being experienced by the child.

The family is considerate to ensure that it has awarded the child the specified needs that are common for growth and development. They move ahead to ensure that they have enabled their son to learn the shamanic healing. They are considerate to ensure that they have awarded their child specified healing that will enable him to grow well as a young child. The essential features of the lie about Rupert Isaacson and his wife to find healing for their autistic son Rowan. The two family members are aware of the fact that Rowan is autistic and in need of specified avenues of growth and development. The caretaker avenues that are produced within the avenue is possible when the family in the story get together in order to deal with the manifestations of the child in the society. Therefore, it is with respect to the general phases of growth and development of the children that credits the general avenues of management in the society. Evidently, it is possible to take the lesson that the avenues of performance and care within facilities are achieved when all the people that are concerned follow the right tracks. The concerned parties make everything possible like the family of Rowan did.

In order to be at a palatable forefront in managing the available issues in the society, there are other generational concerns that drive the health of the family members and society as a whole. What can be drawn from the Horse Boy story is that of regeneration programs that are supposed to be offered by the concerned parties in the society. The innate characteristics of child growth and development are rudimentary and crucial to the establishment of the mechanisms of growth and development in the society. It is very possible to assert that other approaches can be used to cater for the needs and specifications of the society no matter the available matters of concern. The family of Rowan is a regenerative family that is responsive to the care and needs of the child Rowan. Rowan loves horses. He treasures and embraces a good health when faced with an environment that offers a successful conclusion to the presence of horses. For this reason, the parents of Rowan are not afraid to be at the forefront in leaving their original homes to the village in order to ensure a healthy growth and development of their son Rowan.

A family is a concern or a responsible entity in the society. The establishment and strength of a family is reflected on the aspects of growth and development of the child. Therefore, the family is concerned with issuing respective approaches of maintaining stable agencies of growth and development in the society. Other approaches… [END OF PREVIEW]

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