Auto Traveling Hazards Money Time and Safety Thesis

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Auto Traveling Hazards (Money, Time and Safety)

From the beginning of time, traveling meant that people would have to expose themselves to a series of hazards which could virtually bring them death. Even with the fact that travelling methods have advanced and have apparently become safer, people encounter various difficulties while they travel. Additional to being one of the most common means of transportation, the automobile is also believed to be the most dangerous.

Road accidents existed long before the invention of the first horseless carriage, as people used to call cars. "Researchers examining coroners' reports from Sussex between 1485 and 1688 found 30 per cent of deaths were a result of injury involving travelling on land." (Chris Irvine, 2008) At the time, having an accident involved crashing your horse or being hit by a horse or a carriage. "At least two kings of England, as well as many other distinguished persons, lost their lives to horse-related accidents prior to the motor age." (Roger Roots, 2007) Apparently, things have not changed much from the respective period and until the present day. Recent studies have shown that the percentage of deaths as a result of land accidents has not dropped as a result of the bettering of the roads and of the improving of transportation methods.

It seems that evolution did not have an impact on the percentage of deaths produced by land accidents.

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The first automobiles only travelled on short distances, as people did not expect to travel long distances with the cars of the time without running into serious problems. Off course, one would not expect people to feel safe while riding a controversial-looking piece of equipment that had an engine which could explode at any moment. On the other hand, as they saw the early cars passing on the street, people did not believe that someone could actually be harmed by a machine that was that slow. Surprise came with the year of 1899, when the whole world witnessed the first fatal accident which took place in Britain, and ended the life of the driver.

Thesis on Auto Traveling Hazards Money Time and Safety Assignment

The first accident had certainly changed people opinions regarding the car and the threat that it represented. As time passed, automobiles became safer, as car makers kept equipping their products with better and improved devices. However, as safety measures improved, the power of the vehicles also improved, and, while the early cars posed a relatively low threat, the ones that followed were becoming more and more dangerous. In order to make driving safer, authorities came up with a series of conditions that needed to be fulfilled by people in order for them to be permitted to drive on public roads.

Railroad transportation seemed to be a real competitor for the automobile when concerning the number of lives that it claimed. Until the year of 1907, when the number of Americans losing their lives as a result of a railroad accident reached 11,839, people actually believed that the automobile had been safer than the train. However, things changed as time passed, and, while the number of railroad casualties fell to less than 3000 annually, the number of automobile victims continued to grow and it demonstrated the danger of automobile travel. Even if railroad accidents rarely occur, the number of people dying as a result of a train accident is double that of people dying as a result of an automobile accident when comparing the number of miles that people travel by train with the number of miles that they travel by car.

When traveling, most people turn to doing it by automobile, as it is presumably more relaxed, and gives them more freedom. Also, people choose traveling by automobile in favor of other means of transport because they feel more comfortable in their own cars than in a foreign environment. Nevertheless, when compared to train traveling or to plane travelling, travelling by automobile consumes much more time and money.

Automobiles are far more dangerous than most people consider them to be, and, the chances of becoming the victim of a car accident are far greater than becoming the victim of an accident in which another form of transport is involved.

Even if a great number of Canadians have perished during the two world wars, the number of those that died in automobile accidents in Canada in the last fifty years is far greater. This news certainly is disturbing for Canadians, and for the whole world. Knowing that traveling by automobile (which seems like a relatively inoffensive act) is more of a life-taker than a war of such proportions is very worrying. The Canadian government has gone at proving that driving can, in fact, be safe. In order to do so, Canadians want to improve vehicles, roads, and to better discipline the Canadian drivers.

Traveling by automobile does not just involve the risk of becoming the victim of a car accident. It is usually presumed that tourists travel with large amounts of money on them, as they constantly need money in their journey. Thieves are also aware of that, and, leaving your car unprotected can be the perfect opportunity for one to break into it in hope that he or she will find something valuable. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when traveling with the car is the fact that they tend to take as much luggage as they possibly can. Again, if a burglar breaks into your car, he or she will not hesitate to steal as much as they can.

Traveling by camper van is one of the most comfortable means of traveling, as people practically have access to most of the basic things existing in a normal house. Apart from being comfortable, travelling in a camper van is also very fun, with people being able to camp wherever they want to. However, camper vans are also dangerous because they can be easily topped over consequent to a fast cornering or as a result of a serious storm.

An alternative to driving by camper van is to travel by towing a caravan with your automobile. Most people like to think that there is not a big difference between driving their cars normally and driving their cars with a caravan attached. However, there is much to be done in order for the car to be ready to tow a caravan. Before attaching the caravan, the driver needs to make sure that the car works perfectly and that it is capable of carrying the extra weight.

Most people that choose to travel by bus do so because it is cheaper of because they are not planning to travel for long. When traveling by bus, one is aware that the trip will take up much more time than it would take with another mean of transport. Traveling by bus is one of the most uncomfortable methods of traveling existing.

A major risk when traveling by automobile is for the driver to fall asleep while driving. This can happen especially when the driver has to drive for long distances and refrains from pausing to rest. Even if they feel that they are physically exhausted, a great number of drivers prefer to continue driving, in hope that they would reach their destination faster. This has devastating effects on themselves, their passengers, and on other drivers. It is vital for a driver to make stops once in a while in order to regain his or her strength.

When traveling by car, it is presumed that most people are very little acquainted with the places that they visit. Thus, it is very easy for one to get lost while searching for a specific place. Getting lost can be very dangerous, especially when you are in an uninhabited area.

A great number of Academicians have gone at criticizing the automobile for the toll of human lives that it took and for the damage that it had done to the environment. "In June 1995, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) of the U.S. Department of Transportation brought together a diverse group of academics and authorities to attempt to measure the "full social costs and benefits of transportation" (Roger Roots, 2007) Apparently, as the academics and authorities concluded, the damage done by the automobile to humankind is much greater than the benefits that it brought. In order to stop the harm done by the automobile, academics have suggested that authorities should invest more money in alternative traveling means.

Some of the reasons for which more accidents exist today are that the number of people has also grown, and, that automobiles travel on much longer distances than they did in the early twentieth century.

When considering the benefits that the automobile has brought over the years, one can observe that a great part of the evolution done during the twentieth century is owed to it. Automobiles have succeeded in revolutionizing transportation, as they have reduced traveling time and brought mobility to society. When comparing the automobile with the horses which it replaced,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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