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U.S. AUTO Benchmarking Research

US Auto is an American car manufacturer with an important past on the American car market, but with a less brilliant present and future, as the company is currently struggling for survival. The company's main negative issues that need to be corrected are related to outdated line plant assets, inflated labor costs, and lack of any significant prospects that could provide some sort of boost in the company's future profitability. The only aspect that U.S. Auto is putting its hopes on is a hybrid gas-electric engine that the company has created. Given the fact that negotiations with AutoMex have failed, the company must find other strategies to help it survive.

Therefore, U.S. Auto should consider benchmarking as a method of diminishing certain negative aspects, improving positive ones, and eventually amplifying the company's profit. In the beginning, the company must identify, analyze, and adapt the practices of the most profitable car manufacturers in the world in order to improve the company's management and performances. The two companies identified as suitable for the benchmarking process are Ford Motor Company and Toyota Motor Company. Although they have faced similar issues, these two companies represent two different cultures, two different types of management, and two different models that can serve U.S. Auto's best interests.

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Benchmarking has become a golden rule of modern management that U.S. Auto should implement, after understanding certain characteristics of this method: it implies modesty from U.S. Auto's part; this method is not just a simple identification of strengths, but a rigorous analysis that takes into consideration constructive and functional particularities; it implies the active and responsible participation of the company's personnel; it is recommended for complex diagnosis studies.

TOPIC: Term Paper on US Auto Assignment

As mentioned above, the two companies analyzed in this study are Ford Motor Company and Toyota Motor Company. Both these companies had to face important issues that affected their activity, their management systems, their outlook on productions, and their profitability. However, the issues that these two companies had to face were not derived from bad management, mal-functioning of the company, or lack of resources. The issues that these companies had to face were determined by the evolution and development of the global car market and modifications in the buying behavior of customers worldwide.

As Ford Motor Company is concerned, the issues that affected the company are related to innovation and new developments on the market. When hybrid cars started to be more and more used, Ford decided it was time to orient part of its activity in this field. Ford learned that innovation improves driving, and the company started to be driven itself by innovation. The aspects that were improved with the help of innovation are technology, safety, and design. Therefore, Ford… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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