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I am a Spanish man, living in the United States of America. I am an average student, and an average American. I live in the poorer section of America, and I have a girlfriend called Maria Tirado, who I like to refer to as a 'Gift from God'. I have not enjoyed what is generally known as a traditional and conventional 'happy childhood', what with my father being a complete alcoholic, and my mother living out her life on welfare, without any access to funds, and with absolutely no access to health care. She has already suffered two strokes, and who knows when the next one would strike next? However, I must state that both my parents have succeeded in making me believe in one single thing, which is that "education is the strongest key to everyone's lives." I want to study harder and higher, until the time when I make a good living, so that I may be able to, to some small extent, help those who are in need, so that they will be able to live better lives, and so that their children may have a better education and therefore, a better future.

Let me start from my very beginnings. When I was just a small child, I was brutally raped by a much older teenager who lived in my own neighborhood. This experience was a severe shock for me, and that traumatic experience had most probably shaped the next few years of my life. For a star, I became quite withdrawn and preferred to be alone all the time. I did not like to talk to anyone, or to play with friends of my own age in the neighborhood. I would always be alone, and sit inside my house. In short, I isolated myself from fiends and others. Meanwhile, my father was becoming a confirmed alcoholic, and there were not many hours in the day when he would be able to remain sober. He started to drink everyday around this time, and what made it even worse for me was that all my friends would tease me all the time because my father, after getting drunk, would fart, or he would urinate all over himself.

I found this to be extremely disgusting, and so did my friends. They would tease me mercilessly whenever my father would be lying on the streets wet in his own urine. This made me an even more withdrawn child, and I would talk to nobody at all. However, as I started to grow up, I found that there were indeed others like me, who were deeply troubled, and their parents would either be alcoholics or drug abusers. This made me solicit their company, and soon we became a group of troubled children, and thereafter, troubled teenagers. What was important that in order to belong to the group, one had to do as everyone was doing, and as everyone smoked marijuana or drank alcohol, or stole cars, or completely ignored the good advice of their mothers, I too did the same.

I smoked, I drank, I stole, and I did not listen to my mother, who did her best to take care of her only son. However, despite all this, I did manage to graduate from High School. I then went on to attend CI State University, and out of necessity, had to move on to Campus Housing. This too did not last long, because m6y parents could not afford to keep me in school and pay my fees. Therefore, I had no option but to drop out of school. Most of my friends were, at this time, either in jail or in detention centers. Some of my friends had been murdered, and of others, I simply lost track of. Some of my friends ended up becoming gang members. I took up my very first job in the meant time, and it was that of a security guard. I managed to keep this job for some time, and so I left the job to take up another as an 'Intake Specialist' for the Capital Region Workforce and soon I was promoted to the position of a Supervisor.

By this time, I had almost made up my mind that I would become a counselor in the field of Social Work, no matter what would happen. In fact, reading the two books, 'The Dead', and 'The Rite' was probably what changed my life for the better, because these two books reminded me of my mentor, Zeke Rosado. Till that time, I really had no idea of what field I wanted to work in. Of course, my family and my friends would try to influence me to take up some particular field, like maybe be a police officer, or a correction officer, or a firefighter, or even a marine, but I found that none of what they were suggesting held any real appeal for me. It was in the year 1997 that is started my work as an intake specialist, as I mentioned earlier, for the Capital Region Workforce Development Board, in Hartford, Connecticut. It was when I was working here that I happened to meet my mentor Zeke Rosado, who was a case manager in the same department. Mr. Zeke Rosado was a person who loved his work, and loved to work with the clients that he had been assigned to, perhaps because of the fact that at the end, after all the struggles that his clients would have undergone, they would finally become self sufficient, and would be able to obtain either a scholarship, or a grant for scholarship for the school that they wanted to join.

Mr. Zeke did love his clients, and his clients loved him in return, and I could see this all the time, when his clients would take the time off to write 'thank you' notes to him, or when they would bring him the food that he liked. I must admit that there were many times when I would sit back in my office and start to think what it would be like to be like Mr. Zeke Rosado, who was well loved and respected for what he did. This also made me think that I too would become a case manager, just like Mr. Zeke, and I would strive and work hard to achieve my ambition. Within one short year, Mr. Zeke and I became thick friends, and soon I was looking up to him as though he was my mentor. The fact that he had about twenty to thirty years of experience in the same field added to his attraction, and I was indeed enthralled by this person, and I wanted to be exactly like him at whatever cost.

One fine day, Mr. Zeke called me aside and said that if I were to change one or two things about myself, then perhaps I would be able to easily get a promotion. He also said that I reminded him of himself when he was about my own age, and that I must have a particular goal in life in order to succeed. He then proceeded to give me one or two pointers about myself, things that I would need to improve if I wanted to succeed in my life. One was that I needed to interact better with all my case workers and that I needed to smile more often and stop being so very serious and also looking so very serious about my life all the time. This was indeed a very accurate observation about me, because I must agree that most of the time, my facial expression would be like I was mad at the world for some reason or another. This talk helped me a great deal; for it was after this that I decided that I would most definitely change myself, and that I would present myself to the world in an entirely different manner from thenceforth.

The benefits of all my efforts to change myself soon became apparent, when I was promoted, as I desired, to the position of Case manager, and then, to the position of Supervisor, from when I was just an Intake Specialist. During all this time, Mr. Zeke Rosado was always there at my side, encouraging me and cheering me on after every one of my promotions. He not only took me under his wing, but he also showed me all that I ever wanted to know about case management, a fact that I hope will help me in my future as well. He became like a father to me, and one day, he praised me in front of my colleagues, and said that he wished that I were his own son. I too wished the same thing at the time, and felt a deep thankfulness and gratitude to this man for all that he had done for me. However, he moved to Puerto Rico and we lost touch with each other, and it was… [END OF PREVIEW]

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