Automation Process Automation Has Revolutionized Term Paper

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The article discusses the use of Serial ATA, tape, CIM, and IP connectivity. The report explains that serial ATA will improve disk to disk download time which will decrease the amount of time that it takes organizations to backup disks. ("Storage automation: the future...")

Downsizing and Process Automation

The impact of process automation can definitely be felt in the workforce. Many jobs that were once held by human-beings have been taken over by machines. Automation has become so efficient that it has replaced many of the jobs that were once held by people. For instance many manufacturers now use robots to build parts for automobiles and machinery. In many cases the accuracy of the robot is better than the accuracy of a person. The advent of process automation has allowed companies to reduce overhead cost and reduce payrolls. The automation is responsible for the upsurge in downsizing that occurred in the late eighties and early nineties.

In recent years downsizing has continued to occur with the sluggish economy and the rapid pace of technological development.

Many argue that the downsizing would not occur so often if employers and workers recognized the importance of human capital. An article in BusinessWire explains "if engineers were truly able to measure the value they bring to their enterprise, downsizing of engineering departments would be greatly curtailed." (Key Industry Executives...) Some experts also argue that many industries have become to computerized and will present a problem for organizations in the future.

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The U.S. Merit system Protections board explains that the need for human capital has reached epidemic proportions and must be addressed. A report published by the board explains,

The human capital crisis is upon us for a multitude of reasons. One has to do with cultural changes. Another is the decade of downsizing with little or no planning as our missions evolved and technology crept swiftly into our daily lives. Our entire government wide system for personnel management has not kept pace with the changes and needs of society." (Issues of Merit)

Term Paper on Automation Process Automation Has Revolutionized Assignment

The impact of automation on downsizing is not unique to the manufacturing industry or to the United States. Corporations all over the world find themselves at a crossroads and are being forced to choose between man and machine. In some cases organizations fell to implement the proper technology and focus too much on holding on to workers that are not needed. An article in the journal Economic Perspectives discusses Japans battle with the advent of automation and financial crisis. The article explains that Japans financial crisis put the country's banks into a dyer situation. The banks had to reduce cost and spending but were told not to reduce cost in the area of automation. However, the managers failed to adhere to this advice and did not have the technology and the automation that it needed later on. In this instance the company reduced some cost but in the long run their costs were greater because the problem had to be fixed. This is a prime example of the need for balance between having the proper technology in place and having the proper amount of human capital to deal with the new technology and automation. (Kashyap)

It is inevitable that various industries will continue to experience downsizing as a result of process automation. As technology and the needs to increase productivity continues to grow mangers will seek to find ways to replace the workforce with machines and automated programs. The need for human capital will continue to challenge mangers for years to come.

Results and Conclusion

The purpose of this paper was to discuss process automation and the impact that it has on downsizing. We began by defining automation we found that automation involved the automatic management of an organization's policies, processes, and communications through computer technology which creates improvements in productivity and quality. Our investigation found that there are three factors that aid in the creation of an effective process automation system; policy, communication, and productivity. We concluded that the absence of these factors could lead to an automated system that is inadequate and does not address the needs of the organization.

We also discussed the technologies that are available and why these technologies are important to the overall business strategies of corporations. We found that organizations can use process automation for several different functions. The first function that we discussed dealt with the hiring process. Our investigation discovered that organizations use automation to find a talented pool of applicants that possess the necessary skills. We concluded that the organizations can then use this pool to create a sufficient workforce.

We also found that companies use automation to integrate business process management into workflow technology. Our investigation concluded that this type of automation allows organizations to balance new technologies with the existing workforce. In doing this, managers create an environment that is conducive for productivity and business success.

Finally, we discussed the impact of process automation on downsizing. Our investigation found that the surge in downsizing began in the late eighties and early nineties. We concluded that the manufacturing industry was among the first to replace workers with technologies such as robots and other forms of process automation.

We also found that the downsizing that has taken place in America and abroad has created a human capital crisis that will not be overcome easily.

We found that many organizations were hasty to downsize at the beginning of the technology revolution and are now realizing their need for human capital. Our investigation concluded that this will continue to be a management issue for years to come.


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