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At the same time, these products being purchased by United Kingdom also helped certain companies in United Kingdom like Rolls Royce, TI Dowty, GKN Westland, etc. As they are supplying components for these aircraft to the company. Thus there is a certain amount of cooperation in building these aircraft, and that should also be mentioned to the buyers. This sort of cooperation is undertaken by these companies not only for the manufacture of aircraft, but also for major projects in the buyer countries. An example of this was Merlin -- a program of vital importance to Royal Navy. Thus it should be made clear through action to the buyers that the selling organization is interested in helping the buying country to whatever extent it can. (The Evolving International Defense Industry)

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This is an age where the defense organizations of the government are going through a change. This is happening to a great extent as the different alliances like NATO and the European Union are also changing. There are also new problems coming up due to air traffic control systems as the number of flights from different sources in every country is increasing rapidly. The governments in all countries are also facing a lot of problems due to the choices that they have to make. The entire process is leading to a lot of changes in the industry and this is leading to consolidation, and yet the old companies are doing well in terms of their performance. In 2000, this company increased its orders by 37.3% to a level of 37.3 billion. Even in terms of cash, the free cash flow increased to $1.8 billion and this was the highest that has ever been achieved by the company. (Bridges are better than Walls)

Term Paper on Aviation / Aerospace Course # Assignment

The company also achieved earnings per share of $1.07 a share and that was more than the expectations in Wall Street. The greatest performance was in the sales of F-16 where the sales were of 234 aircraft and the value of the aircraft was more than $10 billion. This clearly shows that profits come when a large number of aircraft are sold, and this is not an easy task. The company has performed well in the case of this aircraft and this has happened because the performance of the aircraft has been seen to be good. There is no action really by the sales department, except for sending out literature on the performance of the aircraft to likely buyers. Of course, the problem still remains of getting the required permission from the American government.

Like all the leaders in the field, this company also has certain aims, and that is to be known as the integrator of the best advanced technology systems of the world. This only makes it clear that a lot of the components that go into an aircraft are not made by the company that ultimately sells the aircraft. It only joins the parts to come out with the best possible product. This requires the company to get to know of the parts as soon as they are manufactured, and this happens to only some companies. Then these parts have to be integrated by an expert research group after the design has been completed. Then what is required are a lot of tests, and this can be done only the company is doing well. Even after producing a good aircraft, the question comes of selling it, and the sale has to be made to a sovereign government, and this is not easy as the market situation keeps changing and the payment terms depend on the financial situation of the buyer. Thus even after sales are finalized, there is a requirement of sound financial judgment. (Bridges are better than Walls)

This again is a specialized task, and for this purpose one needs financial experts in the marketing side. This is not easy as it is very difficult to make the sales, and when the sales efforts are discouraged due to financial problems, the mentality of the sales department can be understood. At the same time, all political and military leaders want to have an armed force that is the strongest in the region, while that may not be in the interest of world peace. This compels the American government to sometimes ban certain sales. This again comes as a blow to the sale department. This has put many of the defense manufacturers in trouble, and has led to creation of new companies in the area of defense supplies, or mergers. Examples of this are European Aeronautics, Defense and Space Company, the starting of EADS, the starting of BAE systems from the combination of British Aerospace and GEC Marconi, and the emergence of Thales after the acquisition of Racal by Thomson-CSF. These new companies which have come up also have to survive and that only means additional companies for existing companies in the field of aerospace.

A possible solution is to have a totally combined marketplace for defense items, and this would be a place from where all governments could purchase their requirements. This would also take care of the defense requirements and restrictions. This would help the manufacturing companies to produce in larger quantities: this would be an open market for all as every country in the region could buy their requirement from this market and none prepare all the items they require; and this would help all the manufacturers to cooperate with each other and not be dominated by the Americans. Since the market is a combined market, it would also give the buyers the confidence that they are buying the best possible products. (Bridges are better than Walls)

It would certainly help the major manufacturers, but would it really happen? And the other problem in such a market would be in identifying the buyer. The leader however still marches on and Lockheed has been awarded a contract of $22.8 million by the U.S. Marine Corps System command for the up gradation and field support for its programs in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Marine Corps buy missile defense radar from Lockheed Martin) The original equipment that is being used had also been provided by them only and it is natural for them to get the maintenance contract. All of us also know that better profits are made in repairs than in the original equipment, and this is due to the costs which are not clear. The question that we have to ask ourselves is that organizations like these can continue only if there are many wars. Is the continuation of war in the interest of mankind?


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