Aztecs and Incas Reaction Paper

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The Incas were never harsh to those whom they defeated in the situation where they entered any land via war and after defeat they could give back the possessions to their owners and only give directions on their way of life which was not to interfere with the captives' way of life but was to offer loyalty to their king.

There ruling system was organized in that their leaders served as head of the regions or provinces in which tributes were brought. This was properly coordinated in that none of them lacked idea on where to take his tribute. Their king could go out most of the times hence meat people who could give opinion on his leadership from that he could know those who offended others and deal with unlike the Aztec king who could be not be seen unless there is a very special function. Economically, the Incas believed in their silversmiths who did work on pieces of gold as well as fair vessels of silver, this was their pride. Unlike the Aztec kingdom who sold the wrongdoers they punished the wrongdoers by some kind of death which was performed by the Huatanay river by the appointed individuals. ( Pedro de Cieza de Leon, 1959)

It is simple to confound the Aztecs with the Incans for the reason that they encompass an immense compact in general: Both kingdom attained their crest in the beginning of 16th century, they equally formed gigantic hi-tech as well as scientific innovations, they also equally dabbled in the flimsy art of persons sacrifice, moreover both went through immensely at the dispense of Spanish conquistadors.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Reaction Paper on Aztecs and Incas in the Assignment

As for dissimilarities, though, the most easy difference is natural features. The Inca kingdom took over most fractions of contemporary Chile, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, as well as Colombia. While Aztecs set up campground extra 1,000 miles to the northern part. The Aztecs building of their capital city Tenochtitlan was purposely for their own defense against attackers, these was done on the large island right in the heart of lake Texcoco. The Aztecs did construct a blossoming kingdom with influence that unmitigated all the way through the vicinity that is today known as Mexico, this took place around the years 1375 and 1521. Education wise Aztecs were amongst the first people in the entire world to lay emphasis on education for all children both boys and girls not considering their social status. In those days girls were rarely taught how to read as well as write so Aztecs concentrated the girl child education on home and children. Around 1521, the Aztecs were subjugated by Hernan Cortes, (Spanish conquistador) who overpowered them partially by giving them smallpox as well as partially by upbringing a military of about 200,000 home-grown natives divergent to Aztec regulation.


If you compared to Aztec the Incas Empire came up as a diminutive ethnic group. In commencement of 1438, they speedily lengthened via the Andes mountain range, ultimately taking charge of the most part of the western coast of South America. Their kingdom was distinguished for its variety with over 700 languages being spoken in Incan land. Another fact is that their kingdom by no means in actual fact banded together into a solitary political entity. In the closing stages, the Incas by no means got the possibility to put together an enduring evolution; essentially reason revolves around the showing up of Francisco Pizarro that was in 1532. Finishing Pizarro could have been possible with as few as 200 men as well as 27 horses, but just as Cortes did against the Aztec, in his favor the use of smallpox as well as some few thousand of native group angry of Incan regulation. The two kingdoms chronicle ended sadly the same way neither Cortes nor Pizarro moved on well. Pizarro's life was cut short briefly around 1541 in form of assassination while Cortes spent the better part of his life suffering from bouts of insane paranoia.

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Pedro de Cieza de Leon, (1959) The Incas of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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