Affirmative Action Essay

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Furthermore, it is reasoned that if a law intended to equalize a certain group of people does nothing more but to further disenfranchise them, then the law is not effective and therefore, not needed.

Eliminating Affirmative Action: Advantage

A major advantage of eliminating Affirmative Action would be to ensure that reverse racism and preferential treatment do not exist in academic admissions, the hiring processes or any other activity where Affirmative Action currently gives minorities an unfair advantage. Well qualified individuals for academic admissions and job applicants would not be at a disadvantage because of their race, and everyone would compete on ability and merit alone. The majority could not claim that minorities are being handed opportunities solely on their minority status and minorities can be assured that their achievements are so because of their outstanding accomplishments and not their minority status.

Eliminating Affirmative Action: Disadvantage

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Eliminating Affirmative Action does not eliminate underlying racism, sexism, ageism, or any discrimination of any classes Affirmative Action policies are designed to protect. Without Affirmative Action, discrimination against minorities and women may still persist. Therefore, a major disadvantage of eliminating Affirmative Action is that we introduce the risk that injustice and inequalities in hiring practices and school admissions will continue. Eliminating Affirmative Action does not end institutionalized discrimination nor does it ensure that minorities will receive fair treatment; these societal ills will remain and minorities will once again, be without protection from exclusion and unfair treatment.


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TOPIC: Essay on Affirmative Action Has Been an Assignment

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