Affirmative Action Is an Initiative Essay

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3. Arguments based on social value

Affirmative action is said to encourage diversity and enables the disadvantaged population to have an easier access to services that are professional as well as correct bias criteria of merit and allow those who have talents yet are marginalized still get the recognized and get equal opportunities.

Rosenfield Michael argues that Affirmative action is constitutionally and morally justified as it ensures equal opportunities for all.

Arguments against affirmative action

Arguments that seem not to agree with the policies of affirmative action can be divided into two categories:

1. Those that oppose based on certain moral principles

2. Those that oppose with regards to negative outcomes that could either mean they cause harm or inefficiency.

Arguments based on moral principles

There are those groups which argue that affirmative action is just a reverse of the original prejudice in the sense that the previously favored group becomes victimized as well. There are arguments as well that the principles of merit become violated due to the so called affirmative action. He goes ahead to state that such actions based on race opens opportunities to minorities at the expense of white men who are least advantaged.

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Another argument that comes up is that compensatory justice principles end up being violated in the sense that those who benefit from it are not the actual victims who suffered discrimination and the individuals who had no hand in discrimination end up paying for a crime they did not commit (Anderson S.E. et al., 2008)

Arguments from social values

There are yet the other groups that argue that affirmative action harms the supposed beneficiaries for the fact that they will not be considered capable enough to gain opportunities just like others by competing but are rather favored. These policies trigger resentment of black community against the white argues Sowell Thomas.

TOPIC: Essay on Affirmative Action Is an Initiative Assignment

Further, there are arguments that compensatory affirmative action leads to a balkanized society due to social discordance. This means extensive groups may claim privileges on account of historical discrimination. These claims may become limitless hence having to direct most of the incentives towards a certain direction instead of focusing on the nation as a whole.

There are those who pose that affirmative action is economically incompetent. This group goes on to indicate that affirmative action worsens the situation by lowering the standards of admission and employment just so that blacks and other minority groups can acquire their incentives.


One can therefore conclude that affirmative action is a positive move and if well implemented it will definitely result in positive societal changes that promote equality. However, as per the arguments it is undeniably true that the policies may be misused by the beneficiaries who would want to take advantage of incentives since one is adamantly aware of their vulnerability.


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